Saturday, December 6, 2008

Portfoolio - The Best Canadian Editorial Cartoons

Terrorist attacks, suicide bombers, terror, politics, environment, global warming... this is the working terrain of the editorial cartoonists.
An editorial cartoon, also known as a political cartoon, is an illustration or comic strip containing a political or social message, that usually relates to current events or personalities.
I once read that for all practical purposes, editoral cartoonists can be grouped in two categories: the ideologues (whether of the right or the left) and the agnostics. The former are generally more persuasive, but the latter are usually funnier and often tellingly accurate.

A nice collection of editorial cartoons is in the Canadian Portfoolio books. 22 books were published since 1985, the last one in 2006: Portfolio 22. The book is edited with text by Guy Badeaux (from whom I received the book). At the end of the book, there are biographies of the cartoonists in the book. One of my favourite cartoonists in the book is Michael de Adder.

A look inside the book:

Back cover, with the names of the
seleced cartoonists on the left:

And another two examples of Canadian editorial talent:

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Portfoolio Cartoonbook file


Anonymous said...

Editorial cartoons are not funny and make no sense what so ever.

Jan said...

That is your opinion. You have to do some effort to understand the humor of some editioral cartoons. Some are not funny, some are really funny. Don't generalize!