Sunday, February 10, 2019

RIP Tomi Ungerer (28 November 1931 – 9 February 2019)

Yesterday I received the sad news that Tomi Ungerer passed away.

The artist has published over 140 books: books for children, autobiographical books, philosophical writings, satirical and erotic drawings.

On his website, one speaks of  art, such as his "drawings" and "objects". I'd name many of them"cartoons" and "3D cartoons".

Ungerer has his museum in Strasbourg: The Tomi Ungerer Museum for illustration.
Take a look and browse the collection online, of which 863 satirical drawings.
Note that the collection of his erotic drawins is very XXX.

One book of him I own, is Once in a Lifetime (Jonathan Cape Ltd, London, 1984).
"With grim gallows humor he 'sends up' nuclear warfare and the men and woman who would wage it: East meats West under this brilliant draughtman's hand in macabre images the mind will not readily dismiss".
35 years later this cartoon book about the horrors of nuclear confrontation is still very current.

I invite you te visit his official website: to meat the artist and his art.

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Branded Nation

Pol Leurs, not only one of Luxemburg's leading cartoonists, but also one of the most talented cartoonists in Europa and beyond, informed us about a new cartoon book being published in Luxemburg: Branded Nation.

The government branding strategy of the Luxembourg Government has the declared objective of restoring the somewhat tarnished image of Luxembourg. Today the key word is "Let's make it happen"! As part of the 50th anniversary of the Ecological Movement, the and Ecological Movement associations invited caricaturists, cartoonists and illustrators to give THEIR point of view of the Branded Nation. Their contributions gave birth to a very stimulating album, which pushes the reader to think, discuss, laugh. Let yourself be carried away by the creativity and imagination of the 22 designers, by the diversity and richness of their 80 works. is a Luxembourg non-profit association for the promotion of caricature, cartoon, press drawing and comic strip through publications, exhibitions, information stands, information exchanges, contacts exchange, etc. .
It is aimed at cartoonists, caricaturists and cartoonists, friends and patrons as well as art lovers and collectors. Support as a sympathizing member with an annual fee of 20 euros.

The artists are:
Balaban Florin, Barthelmey Ken, Diederich Patrick, Folmer Roger, Gengler Claude,  Granatkina Snejana, Herber Marina, Kunnert Lynn, Leurs Pol, Moritz Muriel, Peiffer Ronny, Poissonnier Christophe, Schandeler Ingo , Schmitz Carlo, Schneider Carlo, Soisson Robert, Stoos Guy W.,Thielen Patty , Tholl Nic, Veerman Zahree, Weirich Fern and Weyer Pit

Yes, I've noticed several woman! Great.

Carlo Schmitz

Pol Leurs

Fern Weirich

Branded Nation - Published by Editions et le Mouvement Ecologique (Luxembourg) a.s.b.l. / Size: 21.5 x 27 cm / 96 pages - Price: 28 € + shipping costs.

This album can be ordered at the two addresses listed below.

        Robert SOISSON 
        +352 621 152 329
        Ingo SCHANDELER 
        +352 621 399 430 

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Friday, August 31, 2018

De Gaulle in 300 caricatures

In August I've been visiting Calais, France. After a walk in the  WWII museum of the town, located in an former WWII communication bunker, we say the recent statue of Charles De Gaulle and Winston Churchill. De Gaulle married in Calais in 1921.

Me, Winston and Charles
This week I found this book in a book shop in Brussels: "De Gaulle - 300 caricatures et photographies - 50 dessinateurs." It was published in 1968 and counts 1944 pages.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The princess who had everything...

I can't remember the time when I bought a fairy tale book before. It must be a long long time ago...

De prinses die alles had
But a few months ago, two in house cartoonists of the ECC published no cartoon, but a real fairy tale book. And I bought it, in trust, without seeing it before. "The princess who had everything" - "De prinses die alles had" (Dutch language/ISBN 978-90-824489-4-8) is the very pleasing result of this successful collaboration.

The great drawings are made by IOA (Nikola Hendrickx) , the story is by AAaRGh (Mario De Koninck). Nikola has done a great job of drawing and painting the fantastic fairy-tale characters which Mario furnished with witty names and a nice story line. It's a children's book, but as an adult I  enjoyed it very much.

What I also liked  was the idea of  printing a "making of " chapter at the end of the book.
Interesting for grownups, but also for children.

In the book I received  a nice letter was added written by Mario and Nikola. They thanked the buyers and ended with the words:
"Do you like the book? Tell it further. Because we like to sell more books. Don't you like it? Be silent. Because we like to sell more books."

I tell it further... and I hope they sell more books. It's good!

original artwork...

Nikola Hendrickx, Mario De Koninck and Nicole Willemse (lay-out)

Hereunder some pics of the former exhibitions in the ECC - and exhibition catalogues with cartoons by IOA - Nikola Hendrickx and AAargh - Mario De Koninck.



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Sunday, July 1, 2018

In memoriam Louis Vuitton

Article by JMB

The French designer Louis Vuitton died on June 21st.
This is his real name and he has no family relationship with the creator of the famous luxury brand.

Louis Vuitton was 87 years old. He graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon in 1954 and produced commercials, models, postcards and published in the press (France-Dimanche, Télé 7 jours, Vermot Almanac, Gros Nez Magazine, Une minute de Silence ...). He was familiar with many exhibitions and festivals and was twice awarded at St-Just le Martel: Public Prize in 1998 and Anti-junk food prize in 2003.

He has illustrated children's stories at Editions de St Mont and has self-published five books:

Les recettes du touille-fricasse (The recipes of the tortoise-fricasse) in 1994.  64 pages in format 15 x 21 cm, in texts and drawings illustrating improbable cooking preparations as crazy as humorous.

Y a rien à dire (1997) , Y a rien à lire (1999) and Soyez bref ! (2002) (Nothing to say- Nothing to read -  Be brief!): Collections of 60 speechless humor drawings in 14.5 x 14.5 cm format

-  Monstres et handicapés de la Mythologie  (Monsters and the disabled of Mythology) in 2008: a sum of smiling erudition in 72 pages in A4 format.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

More Tie Cartoons...

Having read my sentence "It's the only tie book cartoon I know of ..." in a previous article, Jean-Marie was so kind to mention another cartoon book on this theme. It is a portfolio of about forty boards in 21 x 34 cm format, published by Enoteca Italiana.

Year after year this wine association organized a commercial event entitled "Week of Wines" which also presented an exhibition of cartoons related to wine associated with a theme, each time different (gastronomy, theater, discovery of America, art, cinema, the Middle Ages, love, ecology, music ...) which gave rise to the publication of a beautiful portfolio of these works.

The portfolio on the theme of elegance, created for the 25th edition, is dedicated to ties. It has the peculiarity of presenting on the cover folds giving it the appearance of a jacket under which is a shirt with tie coming out of the collar.

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