Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ei Ei Ei ... Cartoons by Jiri Sliva

One of my latest buys is Ei Ei Ei Cartoons (Eulenspiegel Verlag Berlin, 96 pages) by the Czech cartoonist Jiri Sliva (who had an exhibition in the ECC some time ago). The book dates from 1984, but the humor is timeless, even after 30 years.
It's the kind of cartoon book I appreaciate very much...

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Les Frangines

I get bored of the huge load of digitally made poor quality cartoons that circulate on the web. Yes, I know that cartoonists make use of Photoshop techniques more and more and that sometimes a touch of Photoshop can be useful. But let's not forget the basics of drawing: the use of pencil and paper.

I found this nice book with drawings by VEESSE (Vincent Scherrer, Lutterbach, France, 2001).
The title is "VEESSE propose une ballade autour du lac avec ... les frangines" , translated "VEESSE offers a walk around the lake with ...the sisters". Enjoy these  humoristic drawings...