Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mickey Mouse at 80 - Brez Besed

This month, Mickey Mouse celebrated his 80th birthday. In the catalogue of the II. Mednarodni Bienale (Ljubljana, 1971) I found a Mickey Mouse cartoon, drawn by no one less than the great Ronald Searle. I think this cartoon is even more topical today than in 1971. "Brez Besed" is Slovenian and it means "without words" or "without comment". This picture isn't mentioned in Around the world in 80 Mickey Mice by The Guardian. Thus, I present the cartoon to you:

Mickey Mouse by Ronald Searle ... Brez besed

The 1971 organizing committee, under the patronage of the former President of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia, wrote:
"We are meeting again in order to tell one another - without words, but with some laughing and a bit of moist in the eyes - a thousand stories. The cartoon has virtually no limitations, and a tiny bit of its freedom is caught in our present Biennale...
... It is not rewarding to heap up words about an exhibition WITH NO COMMENT. Let it be so that the words will be searched for and found by those who will visit the Biennale and, we hope, say: "It was pleasant to keep silent with them."

Catalogue cover (1971)

Browsing through this catalogue with excellent cartoons, I recognized the work of some other great cartoonists:

Miroslav Bartak, Czech Republic:

Oto Reisinger ,Slovenia:

and many other gag cartoons...

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