Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mix & Remix

Mix & Remix is the pseudonym of the Swiss cartoonist Philippe Becquelin (°1958).
I received this book "Le Mix"(2013, Les Cahiers Dessinés Paris162 pages, ISBN 979-10-90875-18-0) as a nice Xmas present. The humor is outstanding.

The cartoons are in French and have captions. I've translated some cartoons, so our English readers can enjoy the humor...

... The prisoner had escaped !!!

... I try to understand...
... I try to follow ! ...

"... I'm happy!..".    "... let's do something about that!... "

"... there are more and more elder people..."
"... this is becoming a real kind of fashion! ..." 

... I ... 

... Have you received my e-mail in which I asked you to respond to my text message?...

... Are you filming your ear?...
... I'm have a phone call ! ... 

... It seems people get too much information...
... yes, I'm already informed!... 

... I am a banker ! ... 

You'll find a full bibliography on the Mix & Remix Wikipedia page.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Through the ages with sam

In the latest Scherper edition, I mentioned one of these books.

I didn't find out more than "funny sex joke comic book” in my web search about this little books by Woody Gelman, Sy Goodstadt and Mel Poretz.

“Chéri , il faut repeindre le plafond”, Jeux de Pieds, is a French edition from 1966. The orginal English edition “Sam, the ceiling needs painting” is from 1964.

In 1968, some additional adventures of “Sam, the ceiling needs painting” were published...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Almanach Vermot 1966

Here are some more pictures of the French Almanach Vermot, 1966 edition I wrote about in the latest issue of Scherper, the cartoon magazine of the ECC.

The Almanach is published since 1886. In 1966 it was illustrated with more than 500 cartoons from cartoonists Bosc, Mose, Raynaud, Barberousse, Gilles, Laplace, Tim, Jicka, ... and many others.

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