Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mordillo versus the city of Zhuzhou

Last week I saw this picture in the newspaper. It's in the city of Zhuzhou in China and it made me think immediately at some of Mordillo's cartoons with skyscraper and roof top scenery.

I looked in this three Mordillo books, and I found

some nice cartoons:

Mordillo, many many  years ago
Burj al Arab, some time ago...
Mordillo, many many  years ago

Burj al Arab, some time ago...

The conclusion is that the ideas in the cartoons of Mordillo weren't as crazy as we might think. What to think about urban farming? On the internet I've found many pictures of agriculture on roof tops and rooftop farms.
Yes,  Mordillo was predicting the future in his cartoons.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Augmented Reality: a dream for cartoonists?

Our readers know we like great 'old fashioned' cartoon books here on our blog. But as you've  noticed in our previous post about the Animated St. Trinian's, and maybe in some older posts, sometimes cartoons are transformed in... cartoons (animated cartoons). Animated cartooning is another discipline in the cartoon world and of course I do appreciate the work.

Here are some examples of cartoonists of whose cartoons were made animated cartoons. Click on the cartoonist's name to see some of their original cartoon work.

Guillermo Mordillo:

In the pipeline: Ronald Searle

Chas Addams:


I saw a beautiful and inspiring  modern high tech approach of "cartooning" in a TED Talk video clip by Marco Tempest. Marco Tempest isn't a cartoonist: he's a magician and illusionist! His clips are inspiring and are a beautiful example a man's creativity.

I "discovered" Marco Tempest accidentally via the TED app on my new HD TV.

Here you can find some other inspiring clips using 'augmented reality' (TED Talks -  Marco Tempest)

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The Animated St. Trinian's blog

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Random Dogs by Richard Stine

On this blog I already introduced some cartoon books about cats. Now it's the dog's turn.

A time ago I found "Random Dogs" by Richard Stine (Dell Publishing, New York, 1977, ISBN 0-440-57260-6)  in a second hand book shop. I tried to find some information about the artist and the site I found is (under construction).

Some more art of Richard Stine is on

Armored dog by Richard Stine

Dog in Disguise  by Richard Stine

Jonathan Livingston Dog by Richard Stine

Supported Dog by Richard Stine

War dog by Richard Stine

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