Monday, April 28, 2014

Unboxing Marco D'Agostino

I was happy to attend the opening of Marco D'Agostino's exhibition in the ECC. Marco D'Agostino taught himself to draw and the result may be seen! I was not only surpised by his nice cartoons and caricatures, but this little box Marco maid especially for the exhibition in Kruishoutem drew my attention. It's not a cartoon book but a nice collection of about 16 prints of his work on high quality paper. In fact, if you frame them, you can hang or stall all this nice works in your room and enjoy the cartoons... or even better: start your day with a smile looking at them.
It's quite original and to me it's a collector's item. I don't think there are much copies made, so I'm one of the happy owners.


Pope Franciscus by Marco D'Agostino

One of the reasons to attend an opening of an exhibition in the ECC,  is that you can enjoy some beautiful moments. An example was the moment when Marco drew Hanzz (excellent Belgian caricaturist) and Hanzz drew Marco. They both liked each others work as you can see on the pictures below.

Marco D'Agostino and Hanzz

I'll end with a picture of Marco and Rudy Gheysens, followed, for the fans of Stromae, by a caricature Marco made of the world famous singer:

Stromae caricature by Marco D'Agostino
Don't forget to visit the exhibition!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter! Let's present some egg cartoons...

There couldn't be a better catalogue than the one of the Salon international de la caricature et du cartoon Vianden 2013 to accompany our Happy Easter wishes.

You can visit the exhibition about The Egg in the ECC till 22 June 2014.

Alessandro Gatto - Italy

Erico Ayres - Brasil

Lubomir Mihailov - Bulgaria

Mojmir Mihatov - Croatia

Robert Rousso - France

Carlo Schneider - Luxemburg

Alessandro Gatto - Italy

 by Mohammed Reza Babaei - Iran  who plagiarized an earlier drawing (*)

(*)  I discovered on Facebook (thanks to mr Parham Vafatabar) the page below on which you can see it's quite clear that the drawing above is an act of plagiarism ! The honour goes to mr Mihai Christe.

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Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Vianden

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paris - Roubaix

No rain for this year's edition of Paris-Roubaix... It makes me think at the outstanding sports cartoons by Roger Blachon (1941 - 2008). Enjoy some of his Paris-Roubaix cartoons.

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Roger Blachon