Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cartoon Festival Knokke-Heist 2008 - PART 2 - The Books

This year the festival invited two guests: Kim Duchateau (cartoonist of the Belgian newspaper De Morgen) and the German Sebastian Krüger, famous for his drawings, paintings and caricatures of Hollywood stars and The Rolling Stones. Because I already received the 2008 catalogue, great as always, I was especially interested in "books" by Sebastian Krüger.

First of all, the 2008 festival catalogue contains a selection of cartoons from all corners of the world. It's a selection of 130 cartoons out of the 2.850 sent to the festival jury.
Click here to see all previous catalogues

Knokke-Heist 2008 festival catalogue

The art of Krüger is very attractive. Take a look at his art on his site and blog and you'll see it is really world class, world top... . I recently read on the blog of Mike Lynch that a cartoonist could earn 0 to millions of $ a year... Krüger belongs to the last category I think. I wish all artists make a good living. Some Krüger publications you could buy on the festival were quite expensive for a 'poor' collector as I am. His Rolling Stones catalogue costs 19.95 euro (price ok) ,another nice Krüger art book costed 75 eur. Calendars cost 80 tot 140 euro, poster 50 euro and more ... I didn't buy them,but... for 1,5 euro I bought a genuine Krüger postcard. I could afford that!

The only book of Krüger I own, is Malzeit! (Semmel Verlag, 1989). Some of the drawings/paintings in this book you find on this thumbnail page.

In comparision with other Krüger art,
these are some "simple" portraits

Before I left, I did another buy: I bought a festival cartoon T-shirt! 5 euro only!

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Cartoons 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cartoon Festival Knokke-Heist 2008 - PART 1 - some photos

Today I visited the Knokke-Heist cartoon exhibition. After a nice bike trip , I had 1 flat tire, I eventually reached Knokke. I looked forward seeing the art of Sebastian Krüger, one of the greatest artists in caricature living today, who had an exhibition area on the festival.

These are the winners... Pawel Kuczynski, Pol Leurs and Moacir Gutteres...

When you visit an exhibition, don't try to make pictures with a cheap camera. Sorry Pol, we'll have to do it with this picture (visit the website of bronze hat winner Pol Leurs to see his work)

Some pics of the Press Cartoon Section:

The Sebastian Krüger exhibition: you'll recognize Jimmy Hendryckx and some Rolling Stones

This is a very nice cartoon I spotted for people wanting to know how to make money:

cartoon by Ahmet Aykanat, Turkey

Coming soon... part 2 : the books (what did you expect?)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cartoon Book Harvesting

After a day of searching and nozing around in dozens of bookstalls and boxes in Lille (France) I can proudly present to you my Cartoon Book Harvest.
I know buying cartoon books on eBay is far less labour intensive, but finding a rare cartoon book for a bargain price in a book stall gives a feeling of unspeakable happiness for a collector. And you don't have to pay shipping costs!

Cartoon books are quite rare in comparison with comic strips. I usually find them by looking at their different shape. I was lucky this year. In one of the first boxes I searched, I found "Carton - les cahiers du dessin D'humour", a special magazine edition with drawings and articles about Sempé (1974). In the same box there was "Sex Made Man" by Stambuk (1979). My first 4 euro were spent well! Rather easy to find were some books of Claude Serre. I bought "Humour Noir et Hommes en Blanc" for a collegue who's just been in the hospital. Because laughter is the best medicine. A bit further I found "Touchons du bois" by Pouzet (1968) and "Jazz " by Blachon, Bridenne and Samson (2005, dedicated to Duke & Lington). Another book was "Honoréquiem" by Honoré (1986) and "L'Animalier" by Chaval (1970).

At last, I found some books I already had in my collection. Having doubles can be usefull in time.
"Zoo au logis" '(Claude Serre, 1992 edition), "Saison des Amours" (Bridenne, 1983) and "Mordillo - Safari" (1990).

here I just bought a Sempé and Stambuk

The 3 books below I found quite interesting. The Quino Mafalda 3 (comic strip) has a typographical error: the hard cover is printed upside down. You only can see that when opening the book. When I noticed that mistake I thought at the "Inverted Jenny" stamp (sold 525.000
usd in 2005) and I bought the book. I'll tell you when I receive my money when I sell this book! For 3 euro I bought "the complete collection of the 12 untraceable editions of l'Enragé in 1968" (collection complète des 12 numéros introuvables de 1969), published in 1988, with drawings of Bosc, Siné, Topor, Reiser, Wolinski etc. At last there is "Where is Wally" by Martin Handford in a Spanish version. Later on, I'll tell you about this book.

All this books provide stuff for many articles to come... so keep visiting this blog.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lavado Joaquin Salvador better known as Quino

I learned to know the great Quino by accident. Years ago I received some cartoon books from Iran (book swapping) and amongst it there was a Persian Quino booklet edited by the The House of Cartoon in Tehran.

Quino, born in Argentina in the same year as Guillermo Mordillo, deserves a place in every cartoon book collection. He is best known for his popular Mafalda strip, but his cartoon work is very impressive too. You'll find everything about Quino on his website, so I will keep it short here. Unfortunately, the English version of the site doesn't work quite well.
On the Quino site, there is a list of almost all his publications by country. His work is published in Argentina, Brasil, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Mexico, Taiwan and China. They forgot to mention Germany, Holland and Iran. I'll make that good in this article.
Quino books can easily be found on eBay. Don't forget Mafalda is a comic strip... so try his cartoon books. Enjoy the world of Quino!

German Quino cartoon book edition (Lappan,1985)

Dutch Quino book - (Mondria, 1982):

Back side of the book:
French Quino cartoons (Glénat, 2002):

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

3000 visitors

Today the 3000th visitor visited our weblog. Statcounter counted 6224 pageloads and people from over 50 different countries visited us. Thanks to all cartoon (book) lovers for passing by!

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