Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lajmi = News


At the end of year reflections are made about the past year. Most newspapers and television channels review events and news of the last 12 months. News is hot. News is big business ... and NEWS was the theme of the 2007 Kosova World Cartoon Festival.
The catalogue shows dozens of 'news' cartoons and is really a collector's item for all journalists in this world. If you have a journalist in your family, this is the present to give!
The cartoons make us reflect upon the crazy world we live in.

Some nice 'news' cartoons:

Mahaita Purumbita - Romania

Maciej Wierzbicki - Poland

Miroslaw Hajnos - Poland

Samir Bërlajolli - Kosova

Nekra - Kosova

Thanks to Nekra for sending us this very nice catalogue!

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