Saturday, December 13, 2008

Humoro Sapiens by Diego Herrera alias Yayo

Last week Jean-Marie informed me about Humoro Sapiens, the new cartoon book by the Canadian cartoonist Yayo (born 1961).
Yayo, also known as Diego Herrera, is a Colombian-born cartoonist and humor illustrator, residing in Montreal. His work is published in magazines, newspapers, and children’s books in Canada and the U.S.

Jean-Marie describes the book as follows:
A great blend of poetry and surrealism in life that offers top quality humor.
I agree and I'm pleased once again to know another excellent cartoonist.

Humoro Sapiens will be available in France through Seuil in February 2009. The book costs 14 euros.
Here's is small selection of cartoons in Humoro Sapiens. Other cartoons "the best of Yayo" are on the site of l'Actualité.

This is a list of Yayo's cartoon books:
  • Diego Herrera. Humor Grafico, Centro Colombo Americano, Bogotá, 1989
  • Le carton de Yayo, Éditions du Phylactère, Montréal, 1990
  • Zoo-illogique , Éditions du Phylactère, Montréal ,1991
  • Rêverire, Zone Convective, [Québec] , 1996
  • Humoro Sapiens, Les 400 Coups, Montréal, 2008
You can read a recent interview with Yayo on Talleen Hacikyan's blog.
Thanks to Yayo for his kind permission and Jean-Marie for providing the data.

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