Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Supermarket - Euro Kartoenale 2001

Last week I enjoyed myself looking in the 2001 catalogue of the Euro-Kartoenale. 
It reminded me at one of the basic principles of cartoons, cartoons as funny drawings. Most of the cartoons in this catalogue are very witty. After a day of work, looking in such a catalogue is really relaxing... People with symptoms of stress shouldn't practise some kind of "mindfulness", I'd rather advice to watch cartoon books. It really helps.

Reading gag cartoons books is a no-nonsense approach to fighting stress... That's my humble opinion.

Maybe yo can try this nice catalogue of the Euro-Kartoonale 2001 (Kruishoutem). This catalogue is still available in the ECC.

cartoon by Canary Pete

Gruzdaitis Andrius

Klaus Braunlinger

Michel Roman

Yordanoff Raul Jordan

who's signature is this?

Ross Thomson

cartoon by... (who can read the signature?)

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Brasser - cartoonist Paul De Valck (1937-2001)

Fifteen years after the death of Belgians very beloved cartoonist Brasser, the friends of his home town Humbeek organized a retrospective exhibition celebrating the life and work of the artist Paul De Valck.
 During his life, Brasser drew more than 15.000 cartoons. He was called "the emperor of the Flemish cartoon". Brasser was not only loved for his cartoons, but he was a very social and amicable personality. 
On this occasion a new book was published (ISBN 978-9090-295718, 264 pages, hard cover). It's not only a biography with testimonies by family, friends and former colleagues, but also a collection of about 500 cartoons out of the impressive oeuvre. The book costs 25 euro.  I enjoyed myself reading the book. Only negative point I find about the book, is that too many cartoons are placed on one page. "Less is more" is a great rule that goes up for the number of cartoons placed on one page. 

I ordered the book in advance and as it was a beautiful day I took my bike with my car and made a 76 km bike trip from Ternat, through Brussels (yes, also through Molenbeek!) to the village of Humbeek where I visited the exhibition and where I picked up the book...

The exhibition:

children cartoon contest...

On the road... impression:


Royal Palace Brussels


The Cartoonist

Strip wall in Brussels

Belgian brewery Girardin...

off road...
Vilvoorde - viaduct

Self portrait
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Brasser on our blog

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Scherper Maart 2016 - weblinks - I Charleston The World / I Cartoon The World

These are the links to the clips I referred to in the article in Scherper cartoon magazine March 2016 edition. No cartoons but Charleston and Lindy Hop fun in this clips.

I Charleston The World YouTube Channel / all clips

I Charleston ...

Tell Aviv
Belo Horizonte
Sao Paulo
Ruyigi - Burundi

My favourite: I Charleston Memphis (Music: Blue Suede Shoes - Viva Elvis, Cirque du Soleil )

I you want to discover swinging music, this playlist can be good beginning...

Click here to go to Neo-Swing Music Playlist - YouTube
(with Tape Five, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Jive Aces, Caravan Palace, Indigo Swing, etc. )

Like it? Can't get enough? Swing it here...

Swing Playlist 1
Swing Playlist 2

Books mentioned in the article: