Sunday, July 28, 2013

Into French music... and cartoons

Recently I've been reading Chanson. A sung history of France (Dutch language) by author Bart Van Loo. I had seen the author a few times on television talking passionately about  French chansons, a music genre that hung until a few weeks ago somewhere in a far corner of my memory.
 I've read the book entirely with a headphone on my head and with the streaming music app Deezer playing  the songs mentioned in the book. I've made a playlist and I counted about 400 chansons. Some popular French songs I knew before, but I've discovered some real beautiful songs which I think I would never have discovered without this book.  As a cartoon passionate, I like humorous songs. An example is a parody of Je t'aime moi non plus (Serge Gainsbourg) by the famous Bourvil and Jacqueline Maillan.

I intend to forget for a few weeks Status Quo, Suzy Quatro, Joan Jet, ZZ Top, The Real McKenzies and many more English music makers I like to be... into French music.

Of course, there is a cartoon book related to this article  that I can present to you: it is Musiques by the French cartoonist Claude Serre. Some cartoons make me think at certain chansonniers...

this man makes me think at Jacques Brel

The man with the guitar makes me think at Georges Brassens...
(and myself reading Chanson with a headphone on...)

Makes me think at Johnny Hallyday...

Makes me think at the orchestra of Charles Trenet  (Boum)

 Here are some more cartoons... I'm still searching a chanson that fits the image...

"La Mélodie du bonheur" (The Sound of Music) ? Do Re Mi...

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Johnny Halliday:

Georges Brassens:

Charles Trenet:
Jacques Brel:

Do Re Mi - La Mélodie du bonheur - The Sound of Mucic, French:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

CartoonArk publications: Mello, Boligan, Kountouris and Pugliese

The ECC received a cartoon book package by CartoonArk. CartoonArk is an artistic e-shop collaborating with most famous artists, cartoonists, illustrators, painters worldwide.

In their e-shop there are products of artwork by Michael Kountouris, Omar Figueroa Turcios, Nani, Boligan, Petros Zervos, Vangelis Pavlidis, Mello, Ares, David Pugliese, Chubasco and Thanasis Petrou.

First of all, there is the  book "test drive" by Michael Kountouris (2012, ISBN 960-296-973-400-4), an excellent bundle of automotive cartoons in the typical Kountouris drawing style.

Michael Kountouris - test drive

Michael Kountouris - test drive
A second book  is the first publication of cartoonist Silvano Mello, titled Lines of Humour (2013, ISBN 960-296-973-405-9).  Mello, is an autodidact cartoonist, from Brazil. He has been dedicated to the graphic humor since 2007, developing his work in the fields of cartoon, political cartoon, caricature and some comics. During this period, Mello, received 31 awards and honorable mentions in national and international competitions in countries such as Brazil, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and USA.

Silvano Mello - Lines of Humour
Silvano Mello - Lines of Humour

The last book I want to present is Caricaturas by David Publiese (2013, ISBN 960-296-973-404-2)
David Pablo Pugliese was born on in 1978 in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He participates in several cartoon and illustration contests around the world.
In April 2001 he receives the Second Prize for caricature in the XX Biennial of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. His caricatures and illustrations were exhibited at: Palais de Glace, Alianza Francesa, Museo de Bellas Artes de La Plata, Casa de Arte Doña Rosa, Phos gallery ( All in Buenos Aires).

Caricaturas by David Publiese
Caricaturas by David Publiese

Caricaturas by David Publiese
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

MIXED - Cartoons by Norbert Van Yperzeele

I always tend to say that cartoonists (most of them) are nice people, people you want to drink a glass with. Norbert Van Yperzeele is certainly one of those cartoonists: witty, funny, nice personality. The ECC House Cartoonist of 2013 now has his own exhibition in the ECC. On that occasion, Norbert published his first cartoon book "Mixed". It's a mixed collection of his cartoons on various topics.

Norbert Van Yperzeele - 29 June 2013

Pol Leurs told me that Norbert has a fine technique for drawing hands. It seems that drawing hands is rather difficult for a cartoonist. I chose 2 drawings of Norbert that not only illustrate this technique, but also demonstrate the fine humor in his cartoons.

Personally I find the cartoon below one of the best I've seen in the exhibition (and the book). I recently watched the Belgian movie "Hasta La Vista". It's about  three friends, young men with various handicaps, that want to live their life as it is and make the most of it, despite their condition. This cartoon made think at that film and the integration of disabled people into society. This is a very strong cartoon.

"Da Vinci Adapted" - cartoon by Norbert Van Yperzeele
This social media cartoon  is another example of the great talent of Norbert. 

"Social Media" - cartoon by Norbert Van Yperzeele
The book costs 15 eur (Emka, 21x21cm, 98 pages full color) and is available in the ECC or by contacting Norbert.

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