Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GAL (Gerard Alsteens) - Half a century on the cutting edge

Journalist and cartoonst Gerard Alsteens (Belgium) is 70 years young and his career goes on for 50 years. The new book about GAL's career:  "Een halve eeuw op het scherp van de snee" (Half a century on the cutting edge) is a book to read and watch as GAL can only be read by looking.
Journalists, politicians, writers and artists, friends and family have chosen a work that greatly interests them and give their comments.

The text in the book is in Dutch (2010, Uitgeverij Van Halewyck, ISBN 978-94-6131-018-7, 30 euro)

Below are some pics out of the book:

Belgian Politicians

Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Working in the port of the future - Port of Rotterdam Cartoon Festival

article by Martin Reekers, organizer of the Rotterdam Cartoon Festival.

In september 2010 the first edition of the Rotterdam Cartoonfestival took place. Cartoonists from all over the world submitted cartoons on the subject: 'Working in the future port' . A professional jury selected the first second and third price and made a selection of the 100 cartoons that were in the exhibition and in the catalogue. The cartoons still can be seen in the catalogue that was published. Most of the cartoons are without text so they are quite understandable regardless which laguage the viewer speaks. The full colour catalogue is still available for 4 Euro + shipping costs. You can order them by mail: info@cartoonfestivalrotterdam.com.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paul de Valck alias BRASSER (1937-2001)

BRASSERIE (1983) - oogarts = eye specialist
Belgian cartoonist BRASSER died in 2001. Ten years after Paul de Valck (his real name) left us, the ECC shows a selection of  the artist's huge cartoon portfolio (more than 15.000 cartoons) in the exposition 'BRASSER Timeless Humour'.
And timeless it is! BRASSER was a master of the gag cartoon and even a lot of  his political cartoons are still actual today. BRASSER was the first cartoonist I knew, because of the daily cartoon in 'Het Nieuwsblad', the newspaper we had at home when I was still a little kid. The daily BRASSER cartoon was the first thing I (and many other people)  'read' of the newspaper.
Enjoy some great gag cartoons published in the book BRASSERIE  in the examples below...

With speicial thanks to Jean-Marie for the scans out of this book (and his appreciation for the cartoonist).

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Raoul Debroeyer alias Royer

Royer (Raoul Debroeyer, °1933) is a Belgian cartoonist with an impressive range of humor and imagination. On the internet there is very little to find about him.  "La Femme" (Edit. Paul Legrain, Brussels, 1991) is the only book from him I own. There exists an anthology of his work "20 ans de dessins" (Edit. Luc Piré, 1999).

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

La Bouffe (The Food) by Claude Serre

The great French cartoonist Claude Serre (1938-1998) published 'La Bouffe' in 1982.
X-mas, New Year... a part of it has to do with food and drink.  Some of the cartoons below may look familiar to most of us in this period of year.

The drinker ... based on The Thinker by Rodin

The last supper by Claude Serre (click to enlarge)

In the cartoon above, Claude Serre drew many of this friends of HA! (Les Humoristes Associés).
Thanks to some research by Jean-Marie, we know who is who in this cartoon:

In the front, left, pointing his nose in the direction of the door : Avoine ..., followed by, from left to right :
Blachon, Nicoulaud, Fred (?), Serre, Siné, Loup , Lacroix (who is serving Jezus Christ), Barbe, Mose, Laville, Napo (back), Soulas, Bridenne, Sabatier.

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