Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jerzy Gluszek and Cartoons from Croatia

A good opportunity to acquire some more cartoon catalogues are the ECC exhibitions. It was a good idea of the ECC staff to make a limited edition catalogue of the work and artists shown in the exhibition.

The current exhibitions shows work of Jerzy Gluzek (Poland ) and of a selection of Croation cartoonists.

I really like the work of the polish cartoonist and illustrator Jerzy Gluszek.
Gabriela Dragun wrote about the art of Jerzy Gluzek here.

Jerzy Gluszek and Rudy Gheysens

Bijschrift toevoegen

In Croatia there is a florishing cartoon scene as you can see in the exhibition.

Bijschrift toevoegen

the result
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Croatian exhibition pictures

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Qui est le chef? by Quino (Who's the boss?)

Qui est le chef? (Who is the boss) is one of three books by Quino I found a few weeks ago in Lille.
This book was published by Glénat in 1990 (ISBN 2-7234-1255-5).

I've translated the back cover into english:

"Quino observes the effects of power; those who have the power, those who use it, those who abuse it to end up losing the qualities that had made their get that power.
Quino is a formidable observer and shows us, oddly, the chief becoming a slave, men losing their sense of humor to get a bit of power over their contemporaries.
This is the book to offer to your subordinates to make them understand that you still have a sense of humor. This is the book to offer to your chief to make him regain his sense of humor."

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Les Cartes du Vatican by Pino Zac - Some more church humor...

Pino Zac (1930-1985)  whose real name is Giuseppe Zaccaria,  was a cartoonist, writer and producer of Italian animation pictures.

Yesterday I found his book "Les cartes du Vatican" (the playing cards of the Vatican), published in 1973. in which the cartoonist ridicules the Vatican polici...
He drawes priest, bisshops, monks  as corrupt and addicted card gamblers. Quite an original approach with playing cards in the lead role and lots of good humor.

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