Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cartoon Treasury – Knaurs Lachende Welt

The original American edition ‘Cartoon Treasury’ of this book dates from 1955 and I think the German edition I own dates from that year too.
320 pages with 800  ‘modern’ cartoons. The biggest international collection  of drawn jokes by artist from Japan, America, Brasil, Germany, France and 25 other countries.
This books let us have a glance at the most popular and funny cartoon humour of more than half a century ago.

Do you recognise the cartoons of Chaval, Bosc, Sempé, Hoffnung,  Emett, Giles, Searle, Tetsu, Fischer ?

cover an back cover
knaurs-coverknaurs-06knaurs-05knaurs-04knaurs-03knaur-02cartoon treasury
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With a bit of luck you can find an buy a copy of this book on the internet.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hans Arnold's "Monsterland" and the ABBA link

I recently got knowledge of this book, as always by coincidence, in a second hand books shop. I was attracted by the very nice drawn creepy creatures. This had to be the work of a great artist. So I bought the book.
After some research I learned that Hans Arnold passed away in October 2010. He was born in Switzerland in 1925 but worked as an illustrator in Sweden from 1947 intil his dead last year.

Monsterland (1985) is a crazy story about some artistic vampires, monsters and ghosts.

Hans Arnold is also known for the cover he drew for the ABBA Greatest Hits Album in 1975.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

MAS and Jan Sanders

Yesterday I've been visiting the brand new MAS - Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp (Belgium). The architecture and collection is amazing. On top of the museum you have a great view over the city of Antwerp and its port. The port of Antwerp is the second biggest port of Europe.

For cartoons about ports and sailors, I refer to the amazing work of Jan Sanders (Holland, 1919-2000).
I own a book "Les gars the la marine",(Glénat, 1980, ISBN 2-7234-0145-6), a French edition. There are also English (The man with the Can, with an introduction by Tonie and Valmai Holt), Dutch ('t Kan Verkeren, Een keuze uit het werk van Jan Sanders) and a Spanish (Humor a Bordo de Jan Sanders) edition.

"The man with the can" refers to the cartoon figure figuring in many of his cartoons, stirring in a pot of paint. This refers to the paint firm he was drawing a yearly calendar for.He drew 17 calendars and these brought him fame. Although Jan Sanders drew many cartoons about ships, ports, the sea and sailors, he confessed that he only made a 20km long boattrip once in his life...

Discover Jan Sanders:

"Hurry up boys, ... Home before  Christsmass"

Jan Sanders was an admirer of English cartoonists: Giles, Emmett, Searle...
.. and I think of WH Robinson too.

To complete this article, Jean-Marie sent me the covers of 3 other publications by Jan Sanders (French editions by Glénat):



The drawing below was published in "Branle-bas de combat", but has nothing to see with the sailor or marine theme.

Learn more about Jan Sanders:

Cartoons and drawings by Jan Sanders
Jan Sanders biograhy (Dutch)
Jan Sanders website (Dutch)

Discover the new MAS museum - and some photos I took: 

great architecture!


on the roof

view from top on port of Antwerp
view on the river Schelde and toward the old port