Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ho ho ho! The New Yorker Book of Christmas Cartoons

It's that time of the year, now that snow might be in the air... X-mas.
And yes, thanks to Jean-Marie, I can show you this appropriate Christmas cartoon book.

The New Yorker Book of Christmas Cartoons (first edition, 2004) presents for your pleasure a Santa-bag full of hilarious Christmas holiday cartoons from over 75 insightful years of The New Yorker.

For more information on any of the cartoons in the book, visit The Cartoon Bank. The Cartoon Bank is a New Yorker website where you can search, find or buy everything related to the cartoons published in the famous New Yorker magazine.

clearly a cartoon published in the 70ties

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Scherper edition December 2009 and Bairnsfather

Old Bill and me

For the readers of Scherper - December 2009:
Philippe Bossens:

Michel Sandron:

Bert Vanoystaeyen:

Liza Donnelly (The New Yorker):

Christian Jacot:

Kurt Vangheluwe:

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mark Bryant. Profession: cartoon historian.

Yes they exist: cartoon historians. Thanks to their work and research we are able to consult reference works about cartoons and we can look at history in a different context: looking at history through cartoons and caricature.
A few weeks ago I bought another excellent book by Mark Bryant: World War II in Cartoons. And some other books of him are on my wish list. I'll mail to Santa Claus asking him if he wants to bring me some of the books in the list below.

Dr Mark Bryant was bom in Dorset, is a philosophy graduate of London University and has a PhD in history from the University of Kent. After more than a decade in literary and academic book publishing he turned freelance in 1987, working as an editor, writer, journalist. lecturer and exhibition curator. Honorary Secretary of the British Cartoonists Association for nine years, he is a former director of the London Press Club (of which he was Secretary for eight years). He has organised cartoon exhibitions, given lectures on the history of cartoons and served on the jury of international cartoon competitions in the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Nepal, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Yugoslavia and elsewhere and is the author of several books. He has also edited/compiled more than 30 short-story and cartoon collections (amongst other books), including MAC’s Year (since 1990), 25 Years of MAC,The Complete Colonel Blimp, Vicky’s Supermac, H. M. Bateman, Nicolas Bentley and The Comic Cruikshank. He lives in London.

Mark was so kind to send me his (impressive) bibliography. In futere articles on this blog, I hope to present some of this books in detail.

Wars of Empire in Cartoons by Mark Bryant. The story of the wars of the British Empire told in cartoons published at the time, using drawings from both sides. . ‘A splendid book…a feast of informative and enjoyable material’ (Military Historical Society)
160pp, 300 colour and B&W cartoons, 230 x 320mm, £16.99 HB

Napoleonic Wars in Cartoons by Mark Bryant. The story of the Napoleonic Wars told in cartoons published at the time, using drawings from both sides160pp, 300 colour and B&W cartoons, 230 x 320mm, £18.99 HB

World War I in Cartoons by Mark Bryant. The story of the First World War told in cartoons published at the time, using drawings form both sides. 'Wonderful' (Times Educational Supplement). 160pp, 300 colour and B&W cartoons, 230 x 320mm, £16.99 HB

World War II in Cartoons by Mark Bryant. The story of the Second World War told in cartoons published at the time, from both the Allied and Axis points of view. 'Magnificent' (Steve Bell). 160pp, 300 colour and B&W cartoons, 230 x 320mm, £16.99 HB
The World War II in Cartoons book has now been translated into French and Spanish and published by Hugo & Cie (France) and Editorial Libsa (Spain). The French edition of the WW1 book should also be out soon.

Dictionary of British Cartoonists & Caricaturists 1730-1980 by Mark Bryant & Simon Heneage. Biographical dictionary detailing life and work of over 500 artists from Hogarth to Matt. ‘Wonderful’ (George Melly), ‘Erudite, comprehensive and elegantly witty’ (Rt Hon. Lord Baker of Dorking), ‘ A splendid guide by two experts on the subject’ (Rt Hon. Michael Foot). 272pp, 150 B&W cartoons, 148 x 210mm, £50.00 HB

Dictionary of 20th-Century British Cartoonists & Caricaturists by Mark Bryant. Biographical dictionary detailing life and work of c.500 artists. 'An excellent and much-needed indispensable book for all those interested in cartoon art and graphic illustration' (Rt Hon. Lord Baker of Dorking). 272pp, 100 B&W cartoons, 162 x 240mm, £50.00 HB

Illingworth’s War in Cartoons: One Hundred of his Greatest Drawings from the Daily Mail, 1939-45 (Foreword by Lord Baker). Classic Daily Mail cartoons of the Second World War. 148pp, more than 100 B&W cartoons, 252 x 190mm, !4.99 HB

God in Cartoons by Mark Bryant. A fascinating pictorial survey of Christianity in all its aspects that was one of the Methodist Recorder's 'Books for Christmas'. 'This is not just an anthology: it is an excellent primer on the Church's issues from Genesis to Revelations, presented in a most refreshing modern accessible format...This book is so comprehensive and informative that it could almost be regarded as a non-alphabetical starter Christian dictionary...A truly distinguished book' (European Christian Bookstore Journal). 128pp, 150 B&W cartoons, 155 x 234mm, £6.99 PB

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Quirit en France

"is there someone on board who knows about
Microsoft Flight simulators?"

Jean-Marie let me know that in the French area of his website, Quirit says he has not published a book in France. Quirit has not updated this section of his site because he has in fact published two books in France:

- Thirty twelfth aspect (Glénat, 2002)

- Homo Erectus (Glénat, 2004)

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We present Pol Leurs third cartoon book... and stamp

Pol Leurs (LU) sent me his new third cartoon book that was recently published in Luxemburg. I was surprised by the stamp that was on the post package: a cartoon stamp designed by... Pol Leurs. I think that many cartoonists would like to see one of their cartoons on a stamp. Cartoon stamps are rare and only successful cartoonists get their stamp.

the envelope...

the stamp cartoon

Pol won many cartoon awards and his third book contains about 50 new top quality gag cartoons.
This is the work of a master in gag cartooning.

Pol writes on the back cover "J'espère que ce qui se trouve entre ces deux cartons vous a fait passer, respectivement va vous faire passer des moments agréables", translated: I hope that what you find between this two hard covers, has given you, respectively, will make you have pleasant moments. It did indeed! I enjoyed the book.

Obama as seen by Pol Leurs

I you like to see some other nice work of Pol Leurs or if you want to buy the book, please visit Pols website and contact Pol:

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A thing called Quirit... Wow EVA!

When I read through 'Wow Eva' by Quirit, I was overwhelmed by a series of very funny cartoons based on hot political , anthropological and cultural topics. Wow Eva! is a compilation of cartoons published in P-Magazine and Gazet van Antwerpen. The cartoons have Dutch captions, but on Quirits website you'll find some English and French ones as well. It was hard to make a choice, but eventually here is a small selection to show you the genius of Quirit.

cover of the book published on the
occasion of '30 years Quirit'

the time before cyclists wore headsets...

Quirit (Jean-Marie Mathues, Belgium, born 1953) debuted as a cartoonist in 1976 in the Belgian magazine Knack. He got famous for his absurd drawings in the satirical weekly De Zwijger (1982-1983). Quirit draws or drew for De Volkskrant (Holland), Neue Revue (Gemany), Punch (Great-Britain), Quo (France). In Belgium he publishes mainly in P-Magazine and the newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen. Except at Glénat in France and at Achterbahn in Germany, Quirit published in his homeland Belgium the books: Doe de Kiwi (Do the Kiwi), Gehuwd zijn is... (being married means ...), Gejaagd door de waanzin (Gone With the madness), Fijne Vleeswaren (Fine Meats) and Een kaakslag te ver (An affront too far).
source: catalogue Press Cartoon Belgium 2008

Bio fuel tank station

"We're opposed to wearing burqas"

"... and a diet coke."

Iranian nuclear missiles

Karl Lagerfeld without
stiff white collar

I just turn my back and madam
already uses her dildobelisk

With kind permission of Quirit.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paul Flora Exhibition 20 November - 23 December 2009

Info/contact: Galerie Gerersdorfer - Vienna

Learn more about Paul Flora:
In memoriam Paul Flora (1922/2009)

Bosc books for sale

Alain Damman, informed me that some Bosc books can be bought now as a package for a nice price . Maybe an idea for an end of year present?

Interested? go to the contact page (

Maison du rire et de l'humour - (10 en stock seulement)

Le catalogue de Zemun (Serbie) - (5 en stock seulement)

De plus, vous pouvez visiter la boutique du Boscave sur Price Minister :
Online Bosc books:

Des dessins reproduits sur plaques céramiques par un artiste de Vallauris -
Reproductions of cartoons on ceramics:

des cartes postales/ post cards ( ),

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The British Art of Illustration 1870-2009 at Chris Beetles

Jean-Marie informed us about this year's exhibition and sales of illustrations and cartoons at Chris Beetles Art Gallery (London) from 14 November 2009 till 9 January 2010.

Visit the Chris Beetles site for detailed information.

"This year’s selection will be the largest and most comprehensive in the show’s 27 year history. Ensuring our reputation as the principal dealer in British Illustration, we will display an extravaganza of pictures that covers the history of the genre in all its myriad forms.

The many exciting highlights include: quirky fairy fantasy from Charles Doyle (1832-1893), touching poetry illustrations by the influential Walter Crane (1845-1915); elegant advertisements from Fougasse (1887-1965); stylish caricatures by Sherriffs (1906-1960), bringing the excitement of Hollywood film to readers of Punch; a delightful new selection from the estate of Norman Thelwell (1923-2004); scintillating newspaper cartoons by Giles (1916-1995) and Matt (b 1964); charming picture book images from Oliver Jeffers (b 1977), and hundreds more wonderful, nostalgic, culturally relevant pictures.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a fabulous catalogue. With 200 pages of erudite essays and notes, an index that cross references all our previous catalogues, and over 430 full colour images, it will be one of the most comprehensive texts on illustration published to date.

It will be available from the gallery for £15 + £3 p&p UK"

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Antiwar Cartoon Salon Kragujevac

Each year, November is in Europe the month to commemorate war. Time to present the catalogue of the "International salon of antiwar cartoon", Kragujevac, Serbia 2007. The Salon as presented in the catalogue:

Jewel of culture and peace (by PhD Spiro Radulovic, doctor, microbiologist and cartoonist)

Founded to keep the light upon the most brutal atrocities of the fascists during World War II in Kragujevac (Serbia), the Salon for 26 years now keeps sending the same message to the world - eleminate war. That message beyond message is neglected by generations of militants. War keeps on breaking out despite the strong disapproval of peace oriented world. Militants never give up and the Salon as antiwar conscience of the world goes it message all the way. Works that convey this message make the Salon a most prestigious festival amongst other world famous festivals.

An army of several thousands of cartoonists from all over the world marched through the Salon of Kargujevac. Rare are the countries that sent no cartoons to the Salon and rare are the cartoonists that did not participate in the competition in Kragujevac. Some are honoured by the awards of the Salon that are the orders of highest ranks. ...
The Salon of Antiwar Cartoons is not solely a jewel of Kragujevac, it is a Serbian and international jewel of peace and culture. We are to keep on the mission of the Salon of antiwar cartoons as a memory, as a warning, as hope and fatae in peace and people.

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