Monday, March 31, 2014

Das Schlachtross "The War Horse" by Paul Flora

What can you buy nowadays for 2 euro? Today I have to pay 2,10 euro for a bread here in Flanders, so I was happy I recently found this nice book by Paul Flora (1922-2009) for only 1,99 eur.  Das Schlachtross (English translation "the war horse") was published in 1957 (Diogenes Verlag).

Enjoy some of his drawings:

Napoleon in gallop
Learn more:
In Memoriam Paul Flora

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pardon - die deutsche satirische Monatsschrift

Searching for Kurt Halbritter on eBay I came into this German satiric magazine. Because it's from 1966, my year of birth, I was intererested and did a bid.

Pardon was a German-language literary and satirical magazine, published from 1962 to 1982. Trademark of Pardon was a devil that lifts up his bowler hat.  Learn more on Wikipedia Germany.

the olympic games in München were in 1972

no Photoshop yet...

Kurt Halbritter


And if you like cars, here are some advertisements for BMW, Audi and even for the 2CV by Citroën:

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Art of The Times

One of the finest things a collector can overcome is to receive an email from someone with the question if you could do something with cartoon books he wants to get rid of. No more place in the house...

A few months ago I got such a request and I hurried myself to meet this person who lives in my town. He is a passionate book collector himself, but not of cartoon books. We had a very nice conversation about the passion of collecting and the love for art. I learned to know a very kind person, whom I met afterwards since we met that first time. "Being rich is not measured by what you have but by what you give"... I met a very rich person.

One of the books I received is this "Art of The Times" catalogue (Bordeaux, France, Octobre 1973). It's a collection of 100 "graphic statements" commissioned by The New York Times for use on its "Op-Ed" page.
It contains art of some world famous graphic artists, such as Searle, Sempé, Topor, Folon, Furukawa, Brad Holland etc.
What a discovery!

You'll notice that if some of these drawings were published in today's papers, they stil would fit, even after more than 40 years.

Bran Holland - the oil cartel

Stan Mack - Help Help Help

Ralph Steadman - This England

HG Rauch - The politician

Jean-Claude Suares - Dream

Jean-Michel Folon - "When Mamie left"

Marshall Arisman - Gun control

Ronald Searle - Le président on Art

Brad Holland - France and a matter of racism.

Mel Furukawa - Watergate "The Outrage of Wiretaps" 

Jean-Jacques Semé - The Presidential Campaign
Learn more:
Op-Ed : 40 years of illustration video

Jean-Claude Suares obituary - NY Times
Jean-Michel Folon
Jean-Jacques Sempé
Mel Furukawa (strangely, no web info -Born 1944, Hawaii)
Brad Holland
Hans-Georg Rauch
Ronald Searle
Roland Topor
Marshall Arisman
Ralph Steadman
Jean-Claude Suares