Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ares - 100 Awarded cartoons

I don't have the book yet, buts it looks great:

"A diverse, astonishing collection. So many prizewinning drawings…
They are now grouped together for a first contact. Or for a revisualization of Ares’s already viewed works. It is a proving compendium.
Ares will remain bound to poetry, testimony and reflection, better thinking the future course of his work and, as a rule, resetting it in precise, alerting books.

Of all his books, this is one of the most complete because it is perhaps his best hallmark among the vast community of cartoonists. And it holds a key position within it: the judges have deemed it so as well. It illustrates the universality he has achieved through the years. It is a faithful contribution. Art and more. Visual writing. Stone."

140 pages full illustrated with 100 Awarded Cartoons by Ares.  . Size 17x24 /.ISBN 978-960-973-412-8 / 16 eur

Available on: http://www.cartoonark.com/products/ares-100-awarded-cartoons

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

10 Cartoonists from Flanders?

ECC fans know that the European Cartoon Center offers a travelling cartoon exhibition of Belgian cartoonists named "10 Cartoonists from Belgium". I recently received a copy of the Hungarian catalogue from the exhibition entitled "10 Cartoonists from Flanders". It's the same exhibition...Flanders? Belgium?
Well, in our country things are a bit complicated.
To inform you, I recommend this clip Belgium for dummies ... (confusing isn't it?).
Maybe now you will understand why Belgium is the country of surrealism with world famous artists as Magritte, Delvaux, ... and (more than) 10 outstanding gag cartoonists.

 The exhibition started in Turkey (in Eskisehir) and recently landed in Hungary.

In fact, one of the cartoonists in the catalogue is not really "from Flanders", but "from Brussels" (and from Belgium). It's Cost and of course we all love him. He's a nice guy and he feels good amongst all the Flemish cartoonists (and vice versa).

The 10 cartoonists, 10 of the best gag cartoonists in Belgium are:
(click for more information)

Constantin Sunnerberg (Cost)

Tony Houbrechts

Jan Dufour

Luc Vermeersch

Luc Vernimmen

Ludo Goderis

Nikola Hendrickx (IOA)

Norbert Van Yperzeele

Luc Descheemaeker (O-SEKOER)

Stefaan Provijn

Learn more:
catalogue in PFD
Visit Flanders , visit Belgium...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hanzz Karikaturen

He's a welcome guest everywhere he goes out to draw people on family and enterprise parties in Belgium or abroad. He likes to come to the ECC to meet with other cartoonists and caricaturists... let's introduce Hanzz (Hans Deconinck, °1960, Izegem, Belgium). In 2013 he had an exhibition in the ECC and it's there where I learned to know this kind artist.  At that time he didn't have a catalogue or caricature book, and that's why I didn't introduce him earlier.

ECC exhibition 2013

Belgian former King Albert by Hanzz

2013 ECC 

Toots Thielemans by Hanzz

Marco D'Agostino and Hanzz (ECC)

caught in action, drawing Marco D'Agonstino (ECC)

But now it's so far: he published a catalogue with about 46 of his best caricatures of famous people. Hanzz is an ardent user of digital media. He is a lead user testing different beta-versions of drawing tablets (Wacom) and drawing software as Paintshop Pro9 and ArtRage. To make a portrait, I thought Hanzz started scanning a photo of the person, and then manipulated that picture. But that's not the case. His caricatures a drawn by hand on the tablet with the specific software. The results are astonishing as you can see in the scans below...

Kim Young Un by Hanzz  (I had a problem with my scanner,
sorry for bad scan quality, original drawing is excellent)
Karl Lagerfeld by Hanzz
Stan Laurel by Hanzz
Charles Bronson by Hanzz

Let's end with the wise words of Hanzz himself: "Let the fun be with you".

Hanzz Karikaturen costs 10 eur. Contact Hanzz for a copy.
contact Hanzz: hans@hanzz.be

Learn more:
Biography on Hanzz.be
follow Hanzz on facebook
Hanzz on Instagram

Monday, April 6, 2015

Euro-Kartoenale Kruishoutem 2015

The theme of the 20th edition of the Euro-Kartoenale was soil pollution and sanitation. Not an easy theme, but again cartoonists from all over the world showed their creativity and made excellent cartoons. The Euro-Kartoenale has the reputation to be one of the best rated cartoon competitions in the world. The best cartoons were selected for the catalogue (available in the ECC for 15 eur).

ECC in-house cartoonist Cost promotes the catalogue...

Some impressions of the award and opening ceremony on March 28...

ECC team drawn by Marco D'Agostino 

Sven Gatz, Minister of Culture

nice presentation by Saskia

the winners... 

cover award goes to Nikola Ioa Hendrickx

catalogues for sale chez Monique...

Trashbeatz... great performance

Doru Axinte

Learn more:
more photos of the Euro-Kartoenale and the cartoonists on Facebookpage ECC