Monday, March 30, 2009

Rasit Yakali cartoons on Olympics: Karikaturlerle Olimpiyat ve Olimpiyat Sporlari

article by Kemal Ozyurt, Turkey

Rasit Yakali, the Turkish press cartoonist, leads the life of a classical scholar whose apprenticeship to Semih Balcioglu (1928-2006) lasted almost a lifetime until the last few years of the master. As Mr Yakali points out in his introduction to his cartoonbook on Olympics, the idea to put the Olympic sports into cartoons originated with the master and was given to him in 2000 like a topic of dissertation in cartoons. Yakali worked on the theme, studied the subject in the library of the Olympic House, consulted the expert librarian, took his work to Mr Balcioglu to be reviewed and so produced 200 cartoons in one and a half years’ time with the hope that they would be published by the help of sponsors. Unfortunately, they were not for seven years, but were exhibited in three cities in Turkey thanks to sponsors. Finally, an old friend who runs a private chain of schools made them into a book possibly in 2007 (date of publication not indicated).
Well, Rasit Yakali has already been the author of six cartoonbooks collecting mostly press cartoons some of which brought him ten awards of journalist associations and nearly as many prizes in national and international cartoon competitions in Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Taiwan, and Rep. Macedonia.
In this cartoonbook he not only jokes about the current disciplines like fencing, showjumping, or table tennis, but also puts humoristic insight into the historical background both of ancient Greek civilization and of Turkish traditional sports like polo, wrestling, and archery.
Though he complains nowadays of his trembling fingers while drawing, he still makes cartoons and teaches his skill enthusiastically to young children at school.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

World Cartoon by Bayram Hajizadeh

In Azerbaijan beautiful cartoon books and catalogs are issued. Driving force is Bayram Hajizadeh, cartoonist and President of FECO Azerbaijan. In addition to beautiful and well-documented earlier editions of his hand, including "Our Centenary of cartoons", "Contemporary cartoon of Azerbaijan" and "The Development of Cartoon Genre in Azerbaijan", we received his most recent book "World Cartoon". (ISBN 978-995280006-7, 336 pages, 28.5 X21 cm, full color, language: Azeri / English). This book takes us on a journey into the world of cartoons of 43 countries. For every country, some cartoonists are prensented. Most cartoons of a country are preceded by a text in which a cartoonist, cartoon connoisseur or FECO President, gives us a look at the cartoon history of their country. For Belgium "Belçika" this is Rudy Gheysens. Leon de Borger, Tony Tasco, Philippe Bossens, Ludo Goderis, Luc Vernimmen, Dieter Bevers and Danny De Haes present their cartoons. A nice thing is that some people I know participated in the book. For example, Jean-Marie Bertin is spokesman for France "Fransa" with an illustration of cartoons including Rousso, Mofrey, Topor, Plantu, Serre and Roger "Blacon" (yes, as written in the book). At "Böyûk Britaniya" we find Ross Thomson, in "Italiya" Alessandro Gatto and "Polsa" including Bondarowicz and Marcin Pawel Kuczynsky. And Tavis Bettoli Lotten, coordinator of the Homer Davenport International Cartoon Contest in the U.S., writes that one of founding fathers of the U.S., Benjamin Franklin, was a cartoonist!
The author writes in his introduction "nowadays, contemporary cartooning must serve to the protection of peace and being a bridge of friendship relations and cooperation between peoples and cultures. We, cartoonists must contribute to this great work with our cartoon works."
Isn’t that a noble goal!

In short: a wonderful book with interesting historical cartoon information about a large number of countries.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Best of Punch Cartoons by Helen Walasek

Jean-Marie informed us about this nice book.
You can start an online preview here.

Guardian Bookshop Notes:

2,000 of the very best "Punch" cartoons from the greatest cartoonists in history, including George du Maurier, Norman Thelwell and Quentin Blake. In chronological order, the themes that inspired the artists, such as Women's Rights, Early Cars and the Space Race.

Publisher's description:

For over 160 years, Punch cartoons amused, enlightened and annoyed its readers. Quintessentially British, Punch cartoons were famous the world over for their witty observation of the British character, their social commentary and their outstanding artistry. This book presents a collection of Punch cartoons.
RRP: £30.00

Publisher: PRION BOOKS
Publication Date : 01/09/2008
ISBN: 9781853756795

20 anos de desenhos - Antonio Antunes (Portugal)

article by JMB

António, born in 1953, is one of the actual greatest Portuguese cartoonists, not to say the best one. He publishes his first cartoon in the daily paper República on March 1974. At the end of this year he is the editorial cartoonist for Expresso, his country’s largest weekly paper. His brilliantly designed caricatures are also seen on Portuguese television and in other leading journals, such as Courrier International in France, as well as in the USA and internationally through the Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate (New York). He published six books and has been honoured during his career with an array of awards. António is also the creator and director of the “World Press Cartoon”, a salon reserved to the cream of the cream. Each one of these big catalogues is a real survey over one year of the world best press cartoons. Obviously, António produces and loves quality cartoons!

Mario Soares (1991)

Mikhael Gorbachev (1991)

Ronald Reagan (1984)

Veni, TV, Vinci (1994)

The economy cow (1992)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

EWK - Ewert Karlsson (Sweden, 1918-2004)

Article by JMB

EWK (1918-2004) was the great master of Swedish cartoon. He begins to draw in the national press at the age of 33 . Two years later, his first book is published; this collection of his wicked portraits brings him a well-deserved success and several cartoon books are following. From then on, newspapers and magazines of the world over fight over EWK’s works: 'Atlas Magazine, the Express (of Paris), the British Observer, Punch, and The Herald Tribune, Newsweek, the New York Times, and any number of German, Italian, Arab publications plus, of course, practically all Scandinavian newspapers and periodicals. It is to say his international fame. He illustrated more than fifty books, ten of them his own cartoon books.

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