Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cost ECC Exhibition and catalogue

If there existed a Champions League for cartoonists, Cost (Constantin Sunnerberg, Belgium, °1970) certainly would be selected as one of the key players in the game. Why? Just look at his cartoons and you'll be overwhelmed by not only the beautiful colors, the poetic expression and fine humor but also by the deeper layer and message of his art.

Saturday 20 June was the opening of the Cost exhibition in the ECC and I must say, the cartoons are great and it's worth visiting the ECC.

The exhibition catalogue costs 10 euro and is available in the ECC.

Learn more:
Cost House Cartoonist ECC 2015 (bio)
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exhibition catalogue

Bart De Wever and Elio Di Rupo (Belgian politicians) as super heroes...

beaucoup de monde...

Saskia presenting the exhibtion

Cost caught in action...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

1815 - Waterloo - Exit Napoleon

18 June is not only my birthday, but it's also the day when the Battle of Waterloo took place, now 200 years ago.

In this commemoration year of Waterloo, I want to mention again the excellent cartoon (caricature) book  The Napoleontic Wars in Cartoons by Mark Bryant.(Grub Street London, 2009, 160 pages).

One cartoon below was published just 200 years ago.

If you like some other Napoleon cartoons, you can read the article I wrote on this blog in July 2010: "Waterloo, Napoleon, a bike and cartoon books"...

Below some pics I took a few years a ago during a cycle ride ...