Saturday, April 30, 2016

Karl Meersman - een getekend wereldbeeld - traits marquant le monde (starring Guy Verhofstadt)

Searching for a cartoon book in my collection, I realised that I didn't show you this book of the great Karl Meersman earlier (114 pages, Roularta books, 2003., ISBN 90-5466-593-9).

It contains extraordinary drawings of mostly belgian politicians, artists and CEO's.

On the cover is former Belgian Prime Minister, now  Member of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt.

In the book are some other oustanding portraits of Guy Verhofstadt in all of which you discover the craftmanship of Karl Meersman:

For those who don't know the art of Karl Meersman click here. You'll find previous articles on our blog with or about art of Karl.
Don't hesitate to look at the website of Karl to see more recent art.

Learn more: - Karl Meersman's  official website

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz - ECC catalogue

The first time I heard of Zygmunt Zardkiewicz was in 2012, when he visited the ECC.
Being winner of the ECC prize of the Eurokartoonale, he has now his own exhibition in the ECC.
A catalogue of his cartoons is available in the ECC and costs 10 euro.
No need to say that his art is outstanding.

Learn more:
Zaradkiewicz on ECC blog 20012

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Carlos Brito - Cent dessins sans paroles - ECC exhibition

No,he's not the CEO of brewery AB Inbev... he's Carlos Brito the cartoonist (and he likes the Belgian beer) .

Carlos Brito was born in 1943 in Lisbonne and has lived in France since 1963. Cartoonist since 1980, he was already involved in several Portuguese publications during the « Carnation Revolution » in 1974/75. Since then he has published, among others, for Le Monde Diplomatique, La vie ouvrière, Les Nouvelles Littéraires, L’Événement du Jeudi, Politis and L’Humanité. He has drawn for Le Monde from 1983 to 2011 and for Le Canard Enchaîné from 1987 to 2012. He is currently free of any editorial attachment but he is still an active cartoonist (source: Cartooning for peace)

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet the artist at the vernissage of his exhibition in the ECC. It was a very emotional moment when, in his speech, he referred to the Cartoon(H)Art for Brussels exhibition (pop-up exhibition in the ECC , tribute to the terrorist attacks in Brussels om March 22 2016).  He has lost friends in the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, and he knows as no other the high value of freedom of expression where we fought and still fight for since the French revolution.

I spotted this cartoon. It was drawn some time ago when former French president Sarkozy announced "the end of fiscal paradises". With the Panama Papers this cartoon is actual again. Watch attentively the logo the Belgian newspaper De Tijd uses for the articles about the Panama Papers...

De Tijd newspaper

Carlos Brito

Hereunder a short impression of the opening speech...

Learn more:
You can buy the exhibition catalogue for 10 euro. Contact the ECC.
Brito and "Cartooning for Peace"