Saturday, December 10, 2016

Zaza Gravures - Het Geheim van het Konijn - The Secret of the Rabbit

In this second book out of a series of three (?) Zaza (Klaas Storme) makes us laugh again with old engravings whereunder or wherein he put his funny puns. What I really like about this book too  is the qualitative finishing: hardcover with carved and glossy print, nice paper and smell...

I've translated this little review by RV on the back cover of the book:

"The deceased engravers can turn around in their graves to heart's delight  - a little exercise goes a long way - while Zaza sneaks on tiptoe into their work.
You bet that this stowaway is a strange boarder, one that takes old cartoons with his 21st-century view of the world, and for his devilish fun, out of context.
He is the anachronistic saboteur who can make an aha moment, even from a desolate and barren landscape  . Because that's The Secret of The Rabbit's bottom line: it's something acute, an illuminated moment that suddenly provides a liberating insight into the fundamental silliness of everything you can think of." (Rudy Vandendaele)

Impossible love.

"Earl grey?"

Zaza Gravures Volume2 - Het Geheim van het Konijn, De Bezige Bij, 2016, 252 pages, hard cover, b/w, ISBN 978 90 234 9972 5, 24.99 eur)

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