Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Les Humoristes 1830-1930 (The Humourists)

One of the books I found at the Braderie de Lille 2010 was "Les Humoristes 1830-1930", prefaced by Jean-Pierre Dhainault (Les éditions de l'Armateur, 1999).

Jean-Marie told me that this book is the reissue of a volume in a series of booklets titled « Les Maîtres Humoristes » (The Master Humourists) published between 1906 and 1909. The title of this reissue is improper because there is nothing post-1909 and the drawings of the nineteenth century are clearly post-1830.

Nevertheless, for 5 euro I got more than 800 pages of French vintage caricatures and cartoons, drawn by some of France's greatest caricaturists at that time:

Ferdinand Bac (1989-1952)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cartoon Sites from all over the world

Cartoons around the world. Your Cartoon Reference. Cartoons and cartoonists unite the world.
(last update 3 October 2010, 52 countries - lastest update : Bulgaria)

If you know of other national sites, let me know.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Braderie de Lille 2010: a collector' s paradise ?

Begin September I spent a day at the Braderie de Lille (France). 100 km of stalls and a bright sun... al the ingredients were there to have a very nice day to noose around.

As you can see below, collectors of all kinds can find some objects for their collections.

Even the (cartoon) book collectors can find something they might be interested in... but It isn't always easy to find the kind of book you're looking for:

Eventually I found several books I already had in my collection for a reasonable price.
I also found the books 'Commerces and Commerçants', a collection of drawings by Daumier and the book 'Les Humoristes - 1830-1930' , which I could buy for a real low price. I'll present these books in a next post.

Learn more:
Braderie de Lille 2010 in picturs (newspaper La Voix du Nord)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Visiting London - part 2: The Cartoonist Pub

In the evening of the second day of the city trip in London, I had an appointment with cartoon historian Mark Bryant who lives in London. Mark was so kind to take me on a guided tour through The City of London where he lead us to The Cartoonist pub, Dr. Johnson's House and Ye Olde Chechire Cheese, one of the oldest pubs in London. We ended in the OXO tower, providing us with a brilliant view over the city.

The Cartoonist used to be the pub where cartoonists of the nearby newpapers in Fleet Street met and nowadays it's the official meeting place of the Cartoonist's Club. Nice to know: The Cartoonist's Club provides a handy guide for cartoon sightseeing in London on their site.

I asked Mark to bring along a copy of "Napoleontic Wars in Cartoons" (2009, Grub Street, London, ISBN 978-1-906502-27-0). This book is again (just like WWI, WWII, Wars of Empire in Cartoons) a magnificent book that informs us on history in an original way: it is intended primalarly as a pictorial history of the period as seen through the eyes of the cartoonists and caricaturists who lived through it and chronicled the events as they occurred.
The book is divided into chapters, each prefaced with a concise introduction that provides a historical framework for the drawings of that period. Altogether more than 300 cartoons and caricatures from both sides of the conflicts, in coulour and black-and-white, have been skilfully blended to produce a unique visual history.

If you want to buy one of Mark's books, signed by the author, visit cartoonbooks.co.uk where you can contact the author.