Monday, November 26, 2012

Bullets and Billets

A few weeks ago I bought the autobiographical book Bullets and Billets (Bruce Bairnsfather, 1916) on the annual WWI and WWII military book fair in Passchendaele (Belgium). In this book Bairsfather tells about his experiences in the trenches around Plugstreet and Ypres (Belgium), places only about 15 miles away from where I live.
In 2014 there will be a WWI cartoon exhibition in the ECC: I will be prepared...

Bullets and Billets Bruce Bairnsfather

You can find out more about Bruce Bairsfather in previous posts on our blog.

Bullets and Billets Bruce Bairnsfather

Bullets and Billets Bruce Bairnsfather

Bullets and Billets Bruce Bairnsfather

Bullets and Billets Bruce Bairnsfather

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Fruitcartoons - 10 year Eurofruitcartoonale Sint-Truiden

Tasting a good piece of fruit makes me think at the catalogue that celebrates 10 years of Eurofruitcartoonale (Sint-Truiden, Belgium) published earlier this year.
It's a selection out of more than 3000 Eurofruitcartoonale cartoons.

With the Eurofruitcartoonale, the city of Sint-Truiden promotes the fruit region Haspengouw.

Haspengouw (Dutch), is a region spanning the south of the Belgian province of Limburg, the east of the Belgian provinces of Flemish Brabant and Walloon Brabant, and the northwestern part of the province of Liège. The Limburgish portion contains the cities of Tongeren, Sint-Truiden, Bilzen and Borgloon, the Flemish Brabantian portion includes Tienen, Landen and Zoutleeuw, the Walloon Brabantian portion includes Jodoigne and the Liège portion contains among others Hannut and Waremme.

The fertile ground of this region's rolling countryside is mainly used for agricultural purposes, and particularly for fruit growing. Haspengouw is by far the main fruit growing area of Belgium.

cartoon by Carlo Albrechts

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Michael for president...

Tomorrow morning, we'll know who's the next president of the USA. The last weeks we saw almost nothing else but speeches by both presidential candidates in the news on television. Michael Kountouris drew some great  cartoons about this political  topic and published them in the book "politicosaurus" (Kasseris Publications, ISBN 978-960-98517-3-2, 2010). These cartoons really tell a lot about politics...

Me and Michael Countouris (ECC 2012)

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World Evidences - The Drawings of Angel Boligan

When the Angel Boligan exhibition in the ECC started, the brand new cartoon book of Angel  was about to appear. I was very impressed  by the cartoons of the artist and today I bought his book online. I'm longing for the postman untill he brings me the book at my home...

On Bado's blog, you  find an article about the book and Angel.

Te book can be bought on the Cartoon Ark website:

144 pages full illustrated with drawings by Boligán.  ISBN 978-960-973-402-8 . Size 17x24

Prologue by Antonio Antunes, Cartoonist & Director of World Press Cartoon.

We could call Boligán a “versatile cartoonist”, since his work consists of excellent cartoon editorials, remarkable caricatures and small comic strips of great quality.

His talent, though, is mainly reflected in his humorous drawings. He is dealing with everyday issues –love and disappointment, ecology, religion, speculation, new technologies and corruption.

With his subtle humour and great capacity for synthesis and with his original and sophisticated work, Boligán is a brilliant artist. In any case, we prefer to call Boligán a rising cartoonist.

Some impressions of the exhibition in the ECC:

picture taking... from left to right: Pol Leurs, Norbert van Yperzeele, Nikola IOA Hendrickx,
Luc Vermeersch, Luc Vernimmen, Angel Boligan, Rudy Gheysens, Jan Dufour, Cost

Yes, I bought the book... in Greece:

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