Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mikhail Zlatkovsky and André Nollet in the ECC

Two new exhibitions opened in the European Cartoon Center.
Russian top cartoonist Zlatkovsky and Belgian cartoonist André Nollet present a selection of their best cartoons. In a next post I'll introduce André Nollet to you.
Now, let's look at the work of 'Misha' Mikhail Zlatkovsky who was in a former life a nuclear physicist. He won almost 200 international cartoon prizes, of which 50 first prizes.

Professor Waegemans from the University of Leuven
(who translated Russian to Dutch),
Rudy Gheysens and Misha Zlatkovsky

Zlatkovsky signing a book
for Philippe Bossens

Several books of Zlatkovsky have been published:
Zamki z żelbetu (Muzeum Karykatury, Warchau, 1988)
Mikhail Zlatkovsky. Illustrazioni e visioni (Fanofunny, 1998)
Russkaia klassiyeskaia erotika (Moscow, 2000)
and Chendevri (Moscow,2008).

This is are pics of the Chendevri catalogue:

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Born to be wild ! by Nikolaz

One of the books I found in Lille last week, is Born to be Wild! by the French cartoonist Nicolas Le Bars (Nikolaz, born 1961). Nikolaz is a comic strip artist, but he has published many cartoons, especially on the motorcycling theme. This book, published in 1996, is a very nice collection of his cartoons that appeared in Moto Magazine.

With punch and anti-conformism, Nikolaz sharpens his pencils and tackles with equal success to rites and customs of bikers. A caustic and corrosive humor...

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Monday, September 7, 2009

The ancient art of collecting... Braderie de Lille 2009

As for many years, this weekend I went to Lille (France) to attend the biggest flee market in Europe. Every year I find some cartoon books and I'm having a great time there. Forget eBay for once and take a look at what I saw for the overall collector...

I'd rather like to carry cartoonbooks...

Eventually I found the book market where I bought many cartoon books for a bargain price...