Friday, September 30, 2016

Cartoons 2016 - Cartoonfestival Knokke-Heist

I've been receiving the Knokke-Heist catalogue for more than 36 years now. As almost always, in autumn. 2016 is the 55th edition of the festival. (Davidsfonds Uitgeverij, isbn 978 90 5908 764 4, 112p, 17,99 euro )

The use of "very" photoshopped cartoons is going on more than ever. I truly hope that some cartoonists keep using pen and paper (or real brushes and paint)  and won't over-photoshop their work.

Here are some cartoons out of the catalogue I like. Because they are just funny, well drawn or deal with a peculiarly idea...


Markus Grolik - Germany

Marco de Angelis - Italy

Sergii Riabokon - Ukrain

Cem Koc , Turkey - caricature at it's best!

Eder Santon - Brasil  

Jakub Suchy - Slowakia

John Jonik - USA

Karl-Heinz Brecheis - Germany

Ludo Goderis - Belgium

Peter de Man - Belgium

Petry and Crisan - Romania
Sasha Dimitrijevic - Serbia

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Laughing with death - Yrrah and Honoré

One of the ECC exhibitions this year is "Laughing with death" (from 25 September till 18 December 2016).

One of the books I have about that theme is Honoréquim by the French cartoonist Honoré Bonnet. You can read about it in a post I made in 2008.

As you might notice before, cartoonist Yrrah's (Harry Lammertink)  morbid humor would certainly deserve a place the in a laughing-with-dead cartoon gallery.

Jean-Marie mailed me some more information about the book Kiri I presented in august.

In fact the book title is not Kiri but "Yrrah Kiri". Kiri in fact, has nothing to do with, as I supposed,  the French "Qui rit". Kiri is a wordplay with the Japanese "hara kiri" (meaning the Japanese suicide ritual). This pun is in perfect harmony with the macabre atmosphere of a large part of the work of this artist.

Five years before the publication of this book, Yrrah had used his pseudonym to titrate, by a pun, the book preceding "Yrrah Kiri" It was titled "Dies Yrrah".
This time, his pun started from a Latin expression: "Dies irae". Words used in the Christian liturgy for the Mass of the Dead. The title of this book announced his inspiration for his kind of macabre cartoons dealing with dead.

Hereunder are some other cartoons published in "Deadline".

In 2002, publisher De Harmonie issued a big monography about Yrrah (22x29.70 cm, 192 pages, price in 2002 about 27,50 euro)

Merci Jean-Marie!

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