Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Panamarenko versus Pat Mallet...

Yesterday I've visited the PANAMARENKO UNIVERSUM exhibition in the MHKA (modern art museum Antwerp). The Belgian artist Henri Van Herwegen (°Antwerp, 1940) aka Panamarenko has become world famous with his imaginary sculptures, aeroplanes, balloons, helicopters...

When I saw the space models created by Panamarenko, I had to think at the flying saucers used by the little green men in the erotic cartoons series created by the French cartoonist Pat Mallet (1939-2012).
I don't know if Panamarenko knows of this cartoons, but there is some resemblance...

Panamarenko - Bing II, 2003
Pat Mallet

Panamarenko - Bing of the Ferro Lusto, 2002
Pat Mallet

Panamarenko - Bing of the Ferro Lusto (model), 2002

Pat Mallet

Pat Mallet

Pat Mallet

Pat Mallet

These cartoons are published in: "Gelegenheit Macht Liebe" (Fischer, 1989)

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cartoons out of my own head by Vip

I'm always happy when I find a little book like this one by Virgil Partch.
"Cartoons out of my own head" is an Original Gold Medal Book, USA, Greenwich, Conn., published April 1964 (126 pages)

On the first page I read:

"Out of the ten or twelve million readers of  FUNNY CARTOONS by VIP and CRAZY CARTOONS by VIP, no more than a mere handful died laughing.

So... the odds are with you.
Don't be half safe!
Buy cartoons out of my head now.

Statistics prove it's lots safer than climbing a stepladder or crossing the street- and lots more fun...

Wikipedia about Virgil Partch:

"Virgil Franklin Partch (October 17, 1916 – August 10, 1984) was one of the most prominent and prolific American magazine gag cartoonists of the 1940s and 1950s. His unusual style, surreal humor and familiar abbreviated signature (VIP) made his cartoons distinctive and eye-catching.

Partch's cartoons expressed a dry, sardonic wit, and his characters were instantly recognizable by their lipless mouths, large triangular noses, thin ankles and thin wrists, and sometimes well-combed bangs. He was a gagwriter for The New Yorker magazine, but his own cartoons were rarely published there because, according to VIP biographer Bhob Stewart, "New Yorker editor Harold Ross couldn't stomach VIP's drawing style."

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quino - The cartoonist of the year 1982

In 1982 Quino was chosen cartoonist of the year by the International Pavilion of Humour of Montreal, Canada. A that time I even didn't know who was Quino, but over the years I've discovered so many excellent cartoons by him.

I agree with the authors of this tribute catalogue:

"In my opinion, it is QUINO's uncaptioned one panel gags that will be mainly responsible for his entree into the history of art, where he will be seated next to Daumier, Rolandson... It is only natural that this great artist, this fine humorist, this tender humanist (note the philosophy in his work), this man of action, should be honoured in 1979 by the "Salone Internazionale dell'Umorismo di Bordighera" which awarded him the "Palma d'Oro" in recognition for his artistic output; that France gave him the "Prix de l'humour noir" and most recently some 800 cartoonists participating at the 19th "International Salon of Cartoons" in Montreal bestowed upon him the honour of being CARTOONIST OF THE YEAR '82.
Viva Quino!

Many, many awards followed over the years... (Quino website)

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Monday, March 2, 2015

1st International Cartoon Gathering - Cairo Egypt 2014

Another catalogue sent by my Egyptian friend and cartoonist Wesam is the 1st International Cartoon Gathering - Cairo Egypt 2014.

I selected some cartoons in the first part of this catalogue, humor about Egyptian culture and artefacts to enjoy...

Cost - Belgium

Dubovsky - Ukraine

Vladimir Kazanevsky, Ukraine and Aidarbek Gazizov, Kazakhstan

Nicola Bucci, Italy - Sergii Fedko, Ukraine -
Raimondo Waldez, Brazil - Dragomir Djukic, Montenegro

Fawzy Morsy - Egypt

Li Kui Jun - China

Phu Nguyen - Vietnam

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