Saturday, January 3, 2009

Small is beautiful - Zandi Kiyarash Cartoons Album (Iran)

Cartoon books: there a big ones, small ones, thick, heavy, light ones. But there is one other category which I call original ones.
I received the Cartoons Album of Kiyarash Zandi. Zandi is an Iranian cartoonist born in 1971. With an imaginative use of carton he created a small handy album, containing 13 separate cartoons. On the back side of the cartoons, there is contact information of the cartoonist. In fact the cartoons are kind of business cards. Very well found! This is a real good idea. It's very practical too. The album fits in a pocket and on a reception you can surprise your friends with some nice cartoons.
And the cartoons: well, they are very nice indeed.

On the back side:
biography in English

Inside there is a biography in Persian:

On the back side of the cartoons
you find contact information

Thanks to JM!

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