Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cartoon historian Mark Bryant (UK) informed us his Park Art website is updated. It is (contact:

For nearly five years now, Mark is publishing a series of articles on the history of cartoons (two pages eacht month) for History Today magazine. Mark does research on cartoons, cartoonists and cartoon history.
A quick search on the History Today website lists the articles Mark wrote for the magazine. Here are some topics Mark wrote about:

‘J’Accuse ...!’: Cartoons of the Dreyfus Affair
Mark Bryant looks at the way caricaturists viewed the scandal engulfing France at the end of the 19th century.

The First American Political Cartoon
Continuing his series on how cartoonists have seen events great and small, Mark Bryant looks at the first political cartoon – and one of the most influential ever – to be published in America.

Going Ape Over Darwin
Mark Bryant on cartoons of the man who shook Victorian society to the core.

The Satirical Eye
Cartoon historian Mark Bryant looks at the origins of the satirical magazine that has attracted a generation of outstanding cartoonists.

‘The First Cartoon’
In this new series, cartoon historian Mark Bryant examines significant cartoons and caricatures from the history of the genre, in Britain and overseas and from the 18th century until 1945, and tells the fascinating stories behind them.

The Mother of Pictorial Satire
Although most well-known cartoonists have been men, one of the most influential early figures in the field was a woman, Mary Darly. Cartoon historian Mark Bryant looks at her influence as an artist, publisher and educator.

for the complete article list, click here.

cartoon historian Mark Bryant

His books on cartoon history are an enrichment for everyone's cartoon book collection.

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