Sunday, March 14, 2010

Contemporary cartoon in China - part 4

Article by JMB

The Middle’s Empire and recent China

Although Ding Cong is a famous Chinese cartoonist, these two books’ drawings are not exactly cartoons. Every drawing is an illustration of a joke in a short story. Each story is humorous or/ and witty and this is why this book is not out of place in a cartoon books collection.

This first book is about everyday life in old traditional China

This other book is about everyday life in modern China
(“modern” means the 20 years after the Cultural Revolution)

At the end of this presentation, I would like to openly express my huge thanks to my friend Toshiko Nishida, brilliant Japanese cartoonist, and to her husband too, who are my kind donators of so many cartoon books from Asia.

Jean-Marie Bertin

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Contemporary cartoon in China (part 4)

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