Sunday, February 28, 2010

Contemporary cartoon in China - part 2

Article by JMB

Here is an anthology showing the works of 30 of the Chinese most famous actual cartoonists. This book was issued for an exhibition of Chinese contemporary cartoonists that was on show in the Museum of Satire & Caricature at Forte dei Marmi (Italy), from August 9th to October 5th 2008. After a one page foreword, there are two articles: “The evolution of satirical cartoon in China (written by The China Artists’ Association (2 pages), and “[Chinese] Cartoonists and power, a short story” written by Giorgio Giacomelli (5 pages). Each artist, of the 30 selected, has a four pages section, with a few data lines + a photo and a selection of 4 or 5 of his cartoons.
The China Artists' Association (CAA) aims to be the nation's principle art institution. This Association was established in July of 1949 and boasts over 6,000 members. Its affiliate organizations include the Chinese Paintings Committee, Oil Paintings Committee, Print Committee, Fresco Committee, Animation Committee and the Children's Art Committee. The association also publishes the monthly magazine Fine Arts.

Cartoons by Bin Zhang.

Cartoons by Jing Zhang (I don’t know if these two Zhang come from the same family).

Cartoons by Jie Luo.

Cartoons by Dachuan Xia.

Cartoons by Lichuan Xia (she is the young sister of Dachuan Xia).

Cartoons by Pengfei Xu.

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