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Turhan Selçuk, the Turkish grand cartoonist, died, March 11, 2010.

Jean-Marie send me this sad news:


The grand master of the Turkish cartoon Turhan Selçuk, died March 11, 2010 at the age of 88.
Born in 1922 in Mugla, he began publishing his drawings already at the age of 19.
Two years later he became one of the illustrators of the weekly 'Akbaba', a humorous and political magazine in vogue in the 50s.
Under the influence of Steinberg, he adapted a simple geometric but aesthetic style that he later called "the graphic humour."
In 1954 he began drawing for the daily 'Milliyet' where he created his famous character "Abdülcanbaz.
During his last years, Turhan Selçuk, despite his vision problems, continued to draw almost every day for the newspaper "Cumhuriyet" on a huge board with a magnifying glass.
(text by Izel Rozental, translated from French by Jan)

Turhan Selçuk, le grandissime dessinateur Turc, est décédé avant-hier, le 11 Mars 2010.


Le grand maître du dessin humoristique turc Turhan Selçuk, est décédé le 11 Mars 2010 à l'âge de 88 ans.
Né en 1922 à Mugla, il commença à publier ses dessins déjà à 19 ans.
Deux ans plus tard, il devient un des dessinateurs de l'hebdomadaire 'Akbaba', revue humoristique et politique en vogue dans les années 50.
Sous l'influence de Steinberg, il adapta un style géométrique simple mais esthétique qu'il nomma plus tard "l'humour graphique".
En 1954 il commença à dessiner pour le quotidien 'Milliyet' ou il créa son célèbre personnage "Abdülcanbaz".
Durant ses dernières années, Turhan Selçuk, malgré ses problèmes de vision, continua de dessiner presque chaque jour pour le journal 'Cumhuriyet' sur des planches énormes a l'aide d'une loupe.
(Izel Rozental)

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