Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nov. 1st - All Saint's Day: Requiem ? ... Honoréquiem!

All Saints' Day is a feast celebrated on November 1 in Western Christianity in honour of all the saints, known and unknown.
In terms of Western Christian theology, the feast commemorates all those who have attained the beatific vision in heaven. Specifically, in the Roman Catholic Church, the next day, All Souls' Day, commemorates the departed faithful.

Today is thus the best day to present to you an appropriate cartoon book "Honoréquiem" (1986)(*) by the French cartoonist Honoré Bonnet. It's a series of 35 brilliant churchyard gag cartoons. The book is sold out, but Honoré has some copies available:you can order a dedicated book here.

More about Honoré Bonnet and some other books he publised, you find on his site. Don't confuse him with Honoré Philippe who is another French cartoonist.

Thanks to mr Honoré Bonnet for his kind permission.

(*) The Requiem or Requiem Mass (informally, a funeral Mass),is a liturgical service of the Roman Catholic Church, Anglo-Catholic Anglicans, as well as certain Lutheran Churches in the United States.The common theme of requiems is prayer for the salvation of the soul(s) of the departed, and it is used both at services immediately preceding a burial, and on occasions of more general remembrance.

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Cartoonbook file

René Magritte's "Manet's Balcony"... is it here some inspiration for the first cartoon above came from?

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