Saturday, November 8, 2008

Matty Aslan

Paul Stoica from Romania sent us the cartoonbook file of 'Conice', a book of the Romanian cartoonist and animated film director Matty Aslan.

The geometric shapes have a rigorous structure which was not constructed as a joke.
But Matty is trying to prove us that a geometric shape can be changed into several satirical aspects.
For this experiment he chose the cone, which resembles, from a ludic perspective, with a pointed head, which expresses different life problems. The small volume of caricatures signed by Matty is called “Conice” (Conicals.) and contains 153 drawings.
And if the initial point of this comical transformation is the cone, each drawing represents a theme that has a prefix the cone (“con” in Romanian): con-flict, con-stellation, con-sult, con-fidant, con-fetti, con-trol etc.

Matty's autograph:

On the Romanian blog 'caricaturi-dum-dum' you find news and information about the cartoon art in Romania. This cartoon blog is an idea of Paul Stoica. Aside him stands a great cartoon caricaturist, Florian Doru Crihana, with drawings in some great museums of caricatures worldwide, with a consistent number of international prices, and with whom Paul shares the publication of this on-line magazine, to which they add also the support of some other caricaturists, depending on events.
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Cartoonbook file:

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