Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time to surf. My favourite cartoonblogs. And yours?

(updated 5 Nov 2011)

Here are my personal favourites and other blogs that may be interesting for the cartoon lover.
If you know other interesting cartoon-related blogs or if you want to promote your cartoon blog, you can leave a link in the comment part of this article. Please write some information about the link.
I'll try to regularly update this article with other links and put a link to this article in the sidebar.
If you link to the blog of ECC Cartoonbooksclub, of course I'll link to your cartoon site or blog!

Cartoon newsletters : selection of best free cartoon newsletters

Mike Lynch Cartoons (USA, Mike Lynch)
Mike Lynch is a magazine cartoonist nd the National Cartoonists Society Representative.
Mike has a cartoon book collection and publishes daily on his blog. He's very kind and always willing to give an answer on a comment or question...
You'll find regurarly (vintage) cartoon book reviews on his blog. Most articles concern caption gag cartoons. Mike has 3 cats I believe, my family too...

Caricaturque (Turkey,Kemal Ozyurt)

Reference blog. News about caricaturists, cartoonists, catalogs, competitions, exhibitions, magazines, museums, news, websites & blogs

Drawn (Canada)
is a multi-author blog devoted to illustration, art, cartooning and drawing. Its purpose is to inspire creativity by sharing links and resources. Albert Einstein said, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources,” but what the hell did he know anyway?

Humour Art (Korea,Oh Young-Sik)
Blog by Young-Sik Oh, president general of Humour Art Korea. I can't read Korean, I'll have to do it with the pictures and Google Translate.

Humorgrafe (Portugal, Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa )

Um Blog de Informação sobre Humor e Caricatura. Cartoon's news

Illustration Art (David Apatoff)
David Apatoff really likes great pictures. Celebrating great art in humble places: the glorious talents of the artists who illustrated stories, advertisements and comics in the 20th century.

Caricaturi Dum Dum (Romania, Paul Stoica)
Romanian cartoon news.

Other... (alphabetical)

Ben Heine Art - The Blog
(Belgium, Ben Heine)
Ben Heine is a young Belgian cartoonist and journalist, studied Art and Communication. On his blog you'll find cartoons, caricatures, potraits, poems, articles, photos, political art.

Bodard Caricatures
(France, Bodard Christophe, caricature)
Great caricatures! Just take a look...

Christian Jacot -(Belgium)
Christian Jacot, known as 'JACRI', was born 'with a pencil in his hand'. His disciplines range through comic strips, advertising, caricature illustrations and painting to establish his reputation as a cartoonist.

Cartunion (USA/Minnesota, Andrey Feldshteyn)
International Cartoonists' Club - Cartoon forum

(Belgium, Griet Blockx, gag cartoons)
Young Belgian cartoon talent...

Jan Op De Beeck
(Belgium, Jan Op de Beeck, caricature)

Sketching is fun! Jan is a world-top caricaturist. Enjoy some of his works.

Jean Barbaud Cartoons
(France, Jean Barbaud)

Comics and airoplanes...

HeadsOnBoard in Joyville
(Spain, Gabriel Corbera)

About vintage cartoon books, comics

Klaas Op de Beéck (°1990) is a young caricaturist who loved to draw since he was a kid. In his father’s side of the family all familymembers are busy with art.

Nollet cartoons & creatie (Belgium, André Nollet, text cartoons, press cartoon)
André Nollet is a belgian cartoonist. He's a member of the ECC team in Kruishoutem.

S. Krüger - News and Events
(Germany, Sebastian Krüger, caricature, portraits)
'The Official' Sebastian Krüger Blog. (USA, Mark Doeffinger, cartoons)
cartoons created with an original point of view

The MAD Blog (USA, Tom Richmond, caricature/comics)
The blog of cartoonist and humorous illustrator Tom Richmond .

Toonzel - Avisek Cartoons (West-Bengal, India, Avisek Chowdhury)
Avisek is a part time cartoonist an shows a collection of his work.

Trianacartoons (Columbia, Camillo Andres Triana Cubillos, caricatures/graphic humor)
Illustrations, cartoons and caricatures ...

And other links...

Ferrom Cartoons (Costa Rika, Ferreol Murillo Fuentes)


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Thanks so much for the shout out, Jan!

Happy New Year!

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