Monday, April 28, 2008

Humour Art in Seoul - Korea -

In February 2008 there was the 1th Seoul exhibition of the Humour Art Group. This group is made up of 6 professional Korean cartoonists and illustrators: Kang Tae-Young, Kim Yun-Jo, Nam Myeong-Lae, Lee Jong-Gyun, Oh Young-Sik and Jung In-Sung. Their goal is to show Korean public some different ways of making cartoons and develop cartoon art in Korea. Cartoon exhibitions are still very rare and the artists want to promote the art of cartoon in their country. An international theme 'Environmental Pollution' and 'Global Warming' could help to gain interest from all over the world. Graphic humour can be a strong weapon to fight for a peaceful and non-polluted world.

The full-colored catalogue of this exhibition (40 pages) is made with skill and is an attractive appearance. The 6 Korean artists present their cartoons. For this first exhibiton, they also invited some professional cartoonists to support the action and theme of the Art Group: Alessandro Gatto (Italy), Jurij Kosobukin (Ukraine), Marlene Pohle, Veleri Kurtu(Germany), Muhittin Koroglu (Turkey), Marcin Bondarowicz, Pawel Kuczynski (Poland), Rumen Dragostinov (Bulgaria), Mihail Zlatkovsky (Russia), Julian Pena-Pai (Romania), Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine), Musa Gumus (Turkey).

I express my gratitude to mr Young Sik Oh, President General of Humour Art, for his kind permission and contribution to this article.
I hope the Humour Art Group will succeed and I wish them all the best and a great future in making cartoons.

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Some pics of the exhibition.

The 6 artists:

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