Sunday, April 20, 2008

Contempory Cartoon of Azerbaijan

When you are collecting cartoonbooks from all over the world, don't forget Azerbaijan! Yes, probably you haven't heard much of this country, as I did before, ... but you should have!

Rudy Gheysens, president of the ECC Kruishoutem has good contacts with Azerbaijan cartoonists. When he gave me this nice book of Contempory Cartoon of Azerbaijan (by Bayram Hajizadeh), I understand why he loves this countries' cartoons and its dedicated cartoonists.
I fully agree with Peter Nieuwendijk, at that time Secretary General of FECO, when he writes in his introduction word: "I recently read an impressive history about the making of a hundred years cartoons in Azerbaijan by Bayram Hajizadeh. It is a collection of master-pieces! They need no explanation, they speak for themselves. I am very happy to notice tha Azerbaijan Cartoonists take active part in international
cartoon contests and exhibitions. They won already prizes and special awards and have been published in international catalogues many times. Before that I had never heard nor seen cartoons from Azerbaijan cartoonists. Of course my fault...
... This book of Bayram Hajizadeh, which is presented to cartoon lovers, gives us an opportunity of getting acquainted with works and activities of Azerbaijan cartoonists... From now on we all can communicate with our Azerbaijan friends 'cause they speak the international language of humour fluently."

Although the cartoon world is often called a masculin world, I was happy to see that almost one third of the about 58 artist that present their work in the book are female. Good work!

With special thanks to mr. Bayram Hajizadeh, President of Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union, President of FECO Group Azerbaijan

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