Tuesday, May 6, 2008

About cartoon book databases and other Librarythings - part 1

When your book collection grows and grows, there has to be a way to organise all these books. For that reason I use Microsoft Access to arrange my books. Once you know this program you can do anything with the data: make reports, lists and even “cartoonbook files”.
My cartoon book friend Jean-Marie uses files he makes in Microsoft Word. Although Word is not a database program, he manages to make nice and well-ordened files.
Recently Saskia introduced me to “Librarything(Beta)”: a free web 2.0 application to share your books with others. It’s amazing! I experimented and created an ‘account' and a ‘group’for the ECC Cartoonbooksclub and myself. Learning by doing, is the best method to get involved…
Click here to see my first books on the web. You can easily change the language.
You can read here what other finds about Librarything. Here are 2 of the reactions I read:

"If you love books, and love people who love books, LibraryThing is for you. Start by using the service to catalog your book collection: Tag your books by topic, share your catalog with others, and then endlessly browse the titles that they have on their shelves. The utterly book obsessed can add the LibraryThing widget to a blog to show visitors what they have been reading lately."
"Have you heard of LibraryThing yet? For book lovers, it will surely be the Coolest Thing Ever. For obsessive catalogers, it will be even cooler. As a making-book-connections tool, LibraryThing will certainly surpass Amazon..."

Maybe Librarything can be a way for us cartoon book collectors to share (parts of) our collection. To be honest, I must say that my books are quite ‘rare’. There are thousands of people having ‘Lord of the Rings’, but there are not so much of them having good cartoon books…
I’d like your opinion , so feel free to comment and make suggestions!

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Nice work, would be great to put some comments by the books.