Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In memoriam Roger Blachon (1941-2008)

I was informed by Jean-Marie that Roger Blachon, one of my favorite cartoonists died today of cancer. Roger Blachon (France) was one of the best sports cartoonists in the world.
For two decades Roger Blachon was a pillar of L'Equipe Magazine.
You can read a tribute by L'Equipe Magazine here (use google translate for English).
Pictures say more than words ... a tribute to Roger Blachon:
(Jean-Marie, thanks for your pictures of Roger Blachon, taken at the Festival du dessin de presse de Jonzac "Humour & Vigne" in 2006).


Anonymous said...

roger blachon was a gifted and funny man...a pleasure to know and remember through his cartoons. we will miss him.
anne bergman

Anonymous said...

Our family has a picture of one of his artwork with a gentleman playing a violin. My brother in law purchased it in 1980.
Art # 12207- printed in germany.
Great piece of Artwork....
H Heather.

Maria said...

I remember sitting with my family at a restaurant on the Isle Saint Louis with Blachon and his family; the waiter brought us some fancy wine to taste, giving Roger the glass to swirl and sniff. After a few long moments with his nose in the glass Roger looked up at the waiter and said "Chanel, n'est pas? "
He was a star, funny and warm and we miss him terribly.
Maria Palmer, Felicia and John

Mike Sease said...

I love Rodgers works...What an amazing fellow. I wish I could have know him personally. I can see his thinking through his various works. I recently lost my mom and my dad within 2 months apart. His art was one of my moms greatest ambitions and wishes to be able to do. It never happened......