Sunday, November 8, 2015

O-SEKOER cartoons

Yesterday I was present at the O-Sekoer cartoon exhibition in Torhout, the home town of the Belgian cartoonist Luc Descheemaeker (°Kuurne, Belgium, 1955)

I've seen many cartoon exhibitions before, but this time the artist did not only surprise us with his outstanding cartoons, but also with the unique framing of the works. By doing so, the cartoons, already being of a high artistic quality, were exalted into another level.

After a nice foreword by Saskia of the ECC, Luc took the word and he presented his new O-Sekoer cartoons catalogue, followed by a speech of the deputy mayor of culture of the town of Torhout.

Most of the cartoons don't show us a nice view of the world: war, refugees, terrorism, climate change, the impact of social media ... unfortunately this is the reality we all live in today. But the message is that if we look very carefully at the cartoons, if we understand them truly, we have to realize that this world can be a very better place to live in if we all take part to make a better place of this world.
Luc Descheemaeker does not only show his social engagement in his cartoons, but also in real life. It was an emotional moment, when Luc donated the first 2 copies of his catalogue to two Syrian refugees he met a time ago.

The catalogue is in color, contains 74 cartoons and cost 15 eur. (contact Luc via Facebook page or blog)

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