Thursday, November 19, 2015

Almost Without Words / Bijna zonder woorden by Bertram Adam Thomas Weihs (1919 - 1958 )

I have said it many times before: collecting cartoon books is fascinating. There is always something to discover: old cartoon books, new cartoon books, cartoonists...

Searching a book of the Dutch cartoonist "Joep Bertrams" (born in Roermond, Holland, 1946) I found a book by "Bertram", without s.  Bertram Adam Thomas Weihs (Salzburg 1919 - Voorschoten 1958) settled in 1938 in The Hague. He was a cartoonist, graphic designer, illustrator, and monumental artist.The title is "Bijna zonder woorden" (almost without words) and the book dates from 1956. There is an introduction by Simon Carmiggelt (1913-1987), a famous Dutch author. The cartoons in the book were drawn shortly after WWII in 1946-1947.

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Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of the artist. I found some pictures taken at his funeral in 1958, together with some other art.

Bertram Weihs (Haagse Beeldbank)
Drawings of Scheveningen by Bertram Weihs
Weihs in databank Netherlands Institute for Art History

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