Monday, November 23, 2015

Bosc for sale

Alain Damman  ( let us know that he has news for all the fans and friends of the great French cartoonist Bosc (1924 - 1973). Original cartoons are for sale now. Some Bosc cartoon books are for sale at special prices.

"On the occasion of Christmas approaching, we decided to promote a number of original drawings of Bosc. I you want an original Bosc, it's the moment.

For those who already have the chance to have one or more original cartoons at home, this may be an opportunity to expand their collection.

There are in the pages devoted to the sale, more than 150 drawings, good visit!  (prices of the origianls are between 500 and 1000 eur)

We announce the re-edition of "the small Kama Sutra floral" by Bosc, published by Les Cahiers Dessiné. The book is available in all good bookshops"

Hereunder also attached is a list of books we can send you to your Christmas...
Contact: Alain Damman, mailto )

- Le Voyage en Boscavie; à 10 euros instead of 17 :

- Alors on se promène ? à 10 euros instead of 17 :

- Deux pour la vie; à 8 euros instead of de 15 :

- NON! à 19 euros :

- Des fleurs folles de leur tige; à 10 euros :

- De l'humour à l'encre noire; à 22 euros instead of 25 with DVD of Voyage en Boscavie inside :

- "Les Boscaves" (version 1985) pour 20 euros :

- some rare editions of "le coin du bosc" edited by la maison du rire de Cluny; for 18 euros :

- post cards: 5 lots de 4 cartes postales, soit 20 cartes pour 15 euros :

Learn more:
Bosc on our blog

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