Friday, September 21, 2012

Zygmunt Zaradkiewics - Poland

I had the opportunity to meet Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz in the ECC, where he was as director of the Warsaw Cartoon Art and Caricature Museum during the Cartoon Museum Meeting 2012.
Zygmunt is a Polish graphic designer, illustrator, cartoonist and painter and as I talked with him, a warm and kind personality.

Zygmunt Zaradkiewics and Jan Oplinus (ECC, 8 Sept 2012)

Zygmunt was so kind to bring along a brand new catalogue of his exhibiton now in September. 
As a cartoon book lover, one of the most beautiful moments one can have is to open a book or catalogue from an artist you hardly know or knew before and then be overwhelmed by the quality of the drawings you see for the first time. 
Well, I had such a moment when I saw the work of Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz and I'm happy to be the owner now of an excellent catalogue. Even the lay-out, with gold-coloured pages is noteworthy. It's a pitty that I can't see the original art as Warsaw is a long way from where I live... 

An exhibition of  Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz`s works entiteld "narrative drawings form the distance and close-up" will open on the 25th of September, 2012 in Warsaw Cartoon Art and Caricature Museum of Poland. In this exhitbition, works from the 1972-2012 period, including those, awarded in major Polish and international competitions.  

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