Saturday, October 6, 2012

Karl Meersman and craftsmanship

Last week I attended a lecture by Karl Meersman in my home town Wevelgem. It was a very interesting evening  not only to meet with Karl, but also to listen to a passionate artist. Karl told about his work, his ideas, his style and his technique. Karl has much  respect for craftsman and craftsmanship.   A craftsman is an artist skilled in the techniques of an art or craft.
Karl learned his skills, e.g. his fine watercolor (aquarelle) technique,  from different old masters and academy teachers whom unfortunately all are dead now. You hardly can learn this techniques at present  because there are or no masters  left  who can teach these unique techniques.

Karl's art is made the old fashioned way, i.e. without using computers and Photoshop. All his drawings are unique pieces. As a real craftsman Karl is proud to present the public drawings of the highest quality. For that reason Karl wants to show only original drawings in his exhibitions. By doing so the public can enjoy the works the best way and discover the finest details. Colors and lines of original drawings are pure and not deformed as you can expect of prints or scans of the original.

I agree with the tendency that craftsmanship, pure products, honest products, products with character made with love,  are more and more appreciated in our modern computerized world.

Karl's work and humor fits perfect in this framework!

The most recent book with Karl's work is the exhibition catalogue Ave Eva (Roularta Books, ISBN 9789086794331):

Since this week you can watch these videos Karl Meersman put online on YouTube. Interesting!

About the Ave Eva exhibtion (Gent, 2012):

TV Interview: Karl Meersman on Belgian television ( - 5/2/2012)

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