Monday, September 3, 2012

Braderie de Lille 2012 and cartoon books

The first weekend of September is a high day for me as a cartoon book collector.  Each year, on the first weekend of September, 2 million visitors invade the streets of Lille (France)  for the annual flea market, called in french the "Braderie".I'm always looking forward to attend this  Braderie de Lille, the biggest flee market in Europe. There's eBay and so many other modern ways to search for books on the internet, but in Lille you can go hunt for cartoon books the old fashioned way: walking through the streets, looking at hundreds of stalls,  searching in boxes, negotiating book prices,  and hoping to find something interesting... fun fun fun...

These are the books I found this year:

My friend Jean-Marie told me the books of Solo, Bonnot and the magazine 'Le Dessin d'Humour' are quite rare and hard to find. So I was lucky to find this books, during a 20 km walk through the streets of Lille.

Hereunder some other impressions:

450 eur... not my budget

some old magazines

200 euro each...  I didn't buy

you have to look a little bit closer here...

for other collectors

someone collecting this stuff?

books, books, books... where are the cartoon books?

Who buys the Queen?

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