Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Leonard Sansone

Maggie Sansone, daughter of Leonard Sansone (USA, 1917 - 1963) , sent a mail with the message that the death day of her father wasn't correct in our article 'The Wolf'.
She sent some evidence, not that I didn't believe her:

Maggie shared with me some articles she found in her mother’s scrapbook about the details of the tragic end to her father’s life who died in a car accident at age 46. It’s been over 50 years since the tragedy and their family is now working on releasing a memoir to honor the memory of Leonard Sansone’s life and contributions as a cartoonist.

Sgt. Leonard Sansone (1917- 1963, USA) has lightened the load for millions of G.I. guys and gals. He was working for the Yankee dollar in a New York ad agency’s art department when the roof fell in a Pearl Harbor. A few weeks later the government offered him a new smock if he would come to Fort Belvoir. After basic training he drew The Wolf as a one-shot cartoon for a local camp publication – the first appearance of that all-too-human character. The idea caught on and Sansone was syndicating his lupine glom for world-wide Camp Newspaper Service. Sansone insists that The Wolf is strictly a product of hearsay and observation. But to all working wolves and corner coyotes he wishes “Happy howling”.

The Wolf by Leonard Sansone

Thanks Maggie for reminding me and let us know when the book about your father is ready!

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