Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scalarini: Il padre della satira (The father of satire)

In 2014, there will be in the ECC an exhibition of cartoons of the Great War (WWI 1914-1918). One of the artists we must show is the great Italian political cartoonist Giuseppe Scalarini (1873-1948). Yesterday Fernand and I met in Brussels with the kind Nando Levi and his daughter Noela and Antonio Garonzi. Scalarini was the grandfather of Nando. Nando told us a lot of interesting facts about his grandfather. There will be an article in Scherper about this meeting.

Antonio Garonzi, Fernand, Nando Levi, Noela Levi, Jan
We were given a well documented file and a Scalarini catalogue of outstandig quality: "Il veleno della storia".

Hereunder are some pictures of this catalogue. (the pictures are taken on the train..)

Antonio is the webmater of the official Scalarini website and he is proud to announce that the website soon will be available in English too. Visit the site to learn all about the great artist.

On YouTube, you can wath this videos about the work of Scalarini:

From Rai television:

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