Monday, March 26, 2012

Cartoons and crowds - part 1

Some cartoonists and illustrators are fascinated by drawing crowds. Many supernumeraries appear in their drawings.
Martin Handford  became famous with his "Where is Wally?" books. Who can find Wally amongst all the other people in the drawing?

Hereunther a French version Charlie Remonte Le Temps (Librairie Gründ 1988, ISBN 2-7000-4111-9)

Compare this scene with the cartoon of Loup below... same location, other vision...

and a Spanish one Donde esta Wally? (Ediciones B. Barcelona, 1990, ISBN 84-406-1409-8).

From the creators of Where's Bin Laden? there's is the album Where's Elvis and many others... Illustration are by Daniel Lalic.  (New Holland  Publ. Australia, 2009, ISBN 9781741107029).

Can you recognize Elvis, James Dean, Eva Peron and seven gold musical instruments in the drawing above?

More in the cartoon tradition, there is the work of the popular French cartoonist Jean-Jacques Loup.
Carnet de Croquis (Glénat France, 1988, ISBN 2-7234-0876-0) is an example of his work. Loup drew many cartoons for jigsaw puzzles, that even are better examples of cartoons of crowds,like the orchestra.

One of my favourite cartoonists, Roger Blachon published Enfin Seuls (Cherche Midi Edit.,2001, ISBN 2-86274-903-6). He has mastered the art of composing large frescoes with hundreds of characters in as many funny and hilarous situations.

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In our next article: some more examples of crowds in cartoons

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