Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Woman's Day 2012 - a Non-Sexist Dictionary

Today is the international Woman's Day.
Jean-Marie reminded me of a cartoon book by Ronald Searle that suits perfectly with this event. Enjoy the cartoons.

Ronald Searle’s Non-Sexist Dictionary published by Souvenir Press in London in 1988. ISBN 0 285 62865 8

Non-Sexist Dictionary
This is the introduction by Searle:

Although I am the last person on this shaky planet to dream of being cast in the non—bleating rôle of a sacrificial lamb sandwiched between the choppers of the Machos and the Amazons, I do realise that l am on more than delicate ground with a subject such as this. But the time does seem to have come for exercising the de-sexerciser or, at least, for having a second look at some of the more sombre sexist crannies of the English language.
Unisex can go far in French, for example. Who, I wonder, was responsible for the decision that la barbe should be a feminine word? It could be, of course, that way back before everybody was in trousers, stubble also flourished regardless of gender. To this day, nobody seems to mind. But in our neuter English, there are some nasty anomalies that cry out for correction. Is it logic that men should monopolise ’menopause’? Out of justice, ’womenopause’ must come.
This little book is a timid footstep towards the establishment of a first slightly less sexist dictionary. Recowomend it to your friends!

enpaper 1

endpaper  2

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Matt J said...

Excellent! I was unfamiliar with this book but the drawings are hilarious!