Friday, December 30, 2011

Zonder Woorden ? - Een Geschiedenis van België in spotprenten - Without Words ? - A history of Belgium in Cartoons

35 years after the publication of 'L'union fait la farce' by Jo Gérard and Daniel Polet, there's a brand new history of Belgium in cartoons. The books is a magnificent display of the history of our little country in caricatures. Historians Paul Van Damme (1959) and Stijn Van de Perre (1966) did an excellent job.
The first time I got informed of the book was when I saw the presentation in the news on television a time ago. Our members of parliament all  got this book and some politicians were allowed to choose their favourite cartoons.

This is the news item:

Zonder Woorden? Een geschiedenis van België in Spotprenten (Dutch, ISBN 978-90-289-5988-0, Pelckmans Le Cri édit., 49 eur)

Another history of Belgium in cartoons (1976):

Learn more : book reviews (use Google Translate)

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